Is it just me?

92 Blood Elf Paladin
I tend to help people out if I see them struggling with monsters or some such thing. Really, I don't pick favorites either. Sometimes I even help out alliance members. Is this weird? I mean just yesterday I helped out a few draenei(seems to be a lot of those), a human and this very friendly dwarf girl, I believe. We talked through emoticons for a bit, even. That's not to say I don't try to help out my Horde buddies, which I do quite often, it's just I don't really feel an incentive to keep up the whole "Hate the other faction because blizzard says so" thing. Sure if I were on a pvp server I'd get some honor but I really feel like the whole war between factions is kind of pointless anymore.

What about you guys?
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90 Human Paladin
Ive always helped a person in need regardless of the faction, but i have noticed it a lot more in this expansion.
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1 Human Hunter
I'm on a PVP server right now and I help either faction any time I see someone in need. Not many people who play on PVP servers share my sentiments though...there's a lot of the "if it's red, it's dead" mentality here, which is why I'm planning to transfer to this server.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
I've been doing it too, and more now that some of the named mobs you have to kill you get credit for even if you didn't tap it first. I see someone about to kill something I just killed that I knew was a little difficult and I lend a killing spree and a few slaps to make it easier. =D
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90 Human Paladin
I try to help anyone who looks like they need it, or they ask in general or trade chat:D
I even have people whisper me because I had helped their friend out before.
Its a great way to incourage people to play this game:)
What goes around comes around:)
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I saved several Alliance folk from dying yesterday.

And a rogue just an hour ago. Don't see many Hordies around when I'm leveling though. But man some of you folks can really get in trouble.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I have been cheering and hugging Alliance up and down Kun-Lai Summit the past few days, while tossing Judgements on their (non-Horde) foes. In my point of view, the hotheaded principles of our respective leaders are misguided, so I am happy to help out anyone at any time.

Would you still play the game if it was called "World of Lovecraft"? Haha, I just noticed my unintentional pun! Cthulhu Ftagn!

<3 V
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90 Orc Mage
i am the same way OP

but i am sure there are alot of people who go out of their way to grief the opposite faction or same faction for that matter... (specially on one-sided pvp servers.. i see plenty of craziness there if your on the unfortunate underdog faction lol)

its how you play the game so i understand if they do what they want to do, its a free world of warcraft lol
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100 Tauren Shaman
There are quite a few of us that help regardless of faction. If I can't cast a heal like when coming on an alliance toon, I'll draw my axes and start caving in skulls around lightning bolts. Horde I will cast my heal get them up a bit then go to what the spec does best. On the flip side if I'm on my priest which is specced holy for main it is healing with a PW: Pain thrown in. I may not be able to talk to the ally toons but I can help.

Now if they want to talk look for the angry dwarf known as Jorim on Ally side. :)
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90 Troll Druid
I prefer to be flagged pretty often, and if I'm on a PvP server, I always help them die faster. I firmly enjoy the Horde vs. Alliance play and I am almost never a helpful towards the other faction. I steal quest drops and am generally pretty awful towards the Alliance, often taunting them afterwards.

That said, I do not kill lower level folks, even when they're flagged; and by lower level I mean a 3-4 level spread.

But, my tastes have changed a whole lot. I actually miss the PvP server environment any time I'm on SoE (or other PvE servers).
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
I like to help, too, whenever I can. Like was said up above, what goes around, comes around. I'll especially go out of my way to do it while playing a character it would be very appropriate for, but in general, I like to help people out when I can, regardless of faction.
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90 Human Priest
Me too!

It certainly doesn't cost anything to /smile or toss a few DoTs on mobs as I go past another player. For same-faction players I toss a buff and help kill a pesky monster on my way by, and for opposing-faction players, we can still add a few dots or kill-shot a mob for them.

The biggest difference for non-named mobs is to be sure and wait for the player to tag the mob first, and then go full-tilt boogie on the pew-pew.

So if you see a shadowy player run up to your mob... don't freak out and assume they are trying to ninja your kill. If you see me standing patiently by until your first strike, just know that my intent is merely one of assistance rather than malice.

For same-faction players... be kind to your neighbors and toss a buff on them when you're at the quest-giver or mailbox out in the leveling zones. A buff or a /smile, or /cheer doesn't cost any more in-game than it does in real-life. So... /smile and toss that buff generously. It's merely a friendly gesture and very Zen-like for the MoP ambiance =)

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Every time I see someone fighting a rare Pandaria champion I wait for them to die so I can kill them for their loots and credit.
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45 Tauren Paladin
By "helping" do you mean stripping down to just your tabard and turban and dancing with them? Because that's what I do.

It's like a rain dance, but it's for concentration, not rain.

I'm sure a cow dancing in her brightly colored tabard and turban helps them concentrate and fight better. And trust me, most of them need it. 90% of the time they just forget where their buttons are or something and just stop and stare at me, looking to me for help.

And you know what I do? I dance harder.
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100 Orc Warrior
Blackhowl likes to watch Remnit dance.
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10/06/2012 06:06 PMPosted by Cocoapuffs
Every time I see someone fighting a rare Pandaria champion I wait for them to die so I can kill them for their loots and credit.

Pretty much the only time I don't help anyone. 'Cause I want it. Got called a Vulture today since the Rare one-shot a priest and Soirreb and I picked it up and killed it.
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66 Blood Elf Death Knight
Sometimes if I see a turban-clad tauren dancing around I will take an hour or two off of what I am doing and dance with her. I feel like I'm helping someone, somehow, probably.
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87 Gnome Priest
It's not just you.

My new motto is:

"Gotta bless them all!"


"Bubbles, bubbles for everyone!"

I haven't really decided yet.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I help everyone I see, unless they've proven themselves to be an !@#$ to me previous to that.

While leveling in the Krasarang Wilds I had a very nice human paladin who I'm fairly certain was from <Zen> help save me from certain death near the temple where the crane guy is. Later I helped him kill a rare, despite a friend telling me I should let him die so that we could get the rare kill. I refused to stand by and not help because I think that one good turn deserves another.

If I see others fighting, I will throw up a DoT or two, or stop to heal if we're same faction. I honestly see no point in "hating" the opposite faction, especially when you consider a lot of us play both factions anyway. Those same people who are my "enemies" while I'm playing my blood elf might be my guildies on another character someday.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
I saved a alliance a day or two ago when they were at about 5% and had a few mobs on them. Best way to look it is their is a person behind that character and dying isn't fun in general. Holding out a helping hand and helping someone (same or different faction) can go a long ways.

I started on SOE as Alliance back in BC. I meet a undead rogue and we both played Horde together for years. Most of my RealID friends now are Alliance, I just transfered my 85 resto druid over and am going to start lvling monk tank to play with some of those Alliance friends, until they realize Horde is where the heart is <3.
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