whoever thought of no flight til 90 in mop...

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who ever thought it was a good idea needs to quit, i have never played wow angryly in my life til mop. questing is slow as hell when you are FORCED to use 100% mounts vs 280 or 310...... i find myself sitting in sw just dungeon queing atm cause of how bad the travel time is. nerf the xp needed or give us flying at 85

this is fun? what are you smoking bliz??? id like some of that
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Noob... they did this for ground mounts in vanilla, flying mounts in BC, flying in NR. Only reason they did not do it for Cata was because it involved the entire old world.

E: They lower it a few months after the expansion when everyone typically has a 90 and has done the content.
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I like it.
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That is how every expansion except Cata has been.
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I've enjoyed using my ground mount to get around again. Just like with BC and Wrath, I think it's good for the game to save flying till after you level up.
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If there was a zone like Blade's Edge Mountains or Howling Fjord I might complain a bit. But every zone was relatively easy to traverse on a ground mount.
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You haven't been around for very long have you?
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10/01/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Gargadin
who ever thought it was a good idea needs to quit, i have never played wow angryly in my life til mop. questing is slow as hell when you are FORCED to use 100% mounts vs 280 or 310......

We only had flying while leveling in one expansion. Cata is the odd man out, not mop.
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10/01/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Nery
Wait, you didn't actually level in BC and WotLK? Because every expansion (except Cata) you were unable to fly till level cap.

Wrath was like 78.. I think.
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I don't mind the ground mounts so much. They need to do something about all the snags though. Every time I turn around I'm getting hung up on a rock or a branch or something. Make this stuff phantom.
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I'm not fond of having to run around in circles to find quest hubs only to be hit by a million different mobs as I aimlessly run around trying to find the next level-appropriate questing area / quest hub.
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Somebody needs a hug
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So instead of just questing with a ground mount (that really doesn't make a huge difference...quest objectives aren't that far away from the hub) you would rather sit around Stormwind for 30+ minutes waiting in a dungeon queue in order to get less exp?

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Vanilla: No flying mounts
BC: No flying mounts until 70 and even then the cheap one only moved at 60%(might have been 80%) speed so it was faster to use your ground mount unless you could afford the 5k for epic flight.
Wrath: No flying until 77 initially and then it cost 1k gold I believe. Eventually added a boa item to allow alts to fly, think it was 3.2.
Cata: You could fly from the start
MoP: No flying until 90

I really don't get why people are shocked by this. In patch 5.1 or 5.2 they will probably add a boa item that can be mailed from a 90 to an alt that will allow flying at 85 in Pandaria.

I enjoyed having to run around.
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