So... where has time gone?

90 Pandaren Monk
There once was this Tauren Hunter named Nokoma... and he wonders what happened to good ole DB.

He logged in today to see the server is in a coma. Then he had to pee.

He saw a familiar Canadian name, I believe it was Koop.

He wondered what happened... why DB went to...

ENOUGH of the Haiku poetry half-!@# crap! What in the hell happened to DB? Where did all the drama and fun go? Hi btws. I do not recognize DB anymore... I guess a lot of folks moved on? There's no OCK no TV no, wait Koop is still there DAMNIT.

I miss a lot of the old gang, figured I'd poke in and say some hellos but it seems when I left to be with new la familia I guess I took a lot of the fun with me. Suramar's ok, but god it's no DB. Now it seems even DB is no DB. May as well get this out of the way.

Nailing up a poster

Have you seen me?


Anyone in the OCK during Vanilla/BC, Tacttical Vengence LK, Sad Pandas ever...

Times have changed. Hi if you remember me, hello new DB if ya don't. Back to leveling a punchy monk!


Nokoma, Tanhoof, Nares, Tanares

Certified Crazy Floridiot.
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6 Draenei Paladin
Mav and some others from TV went to SWTOR.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
I remember you. <3
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70 Undead Warrior
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90 Tauren Shaman
Was only in the OCK during Black Temple and Sunwell, but I still remembers yah.

And yeah, this server really is just a shell of its former self.

I remember you. <3

You're a panda now? :<
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90 Human Priest
The OCK dissolved in Cataclysm, I'm not quite sure why...

I still see Chops/T on steam quite a bit, nobody else though!
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90 Undead Rogue
DB isn't what it was, times move on and people move on.

Also, hi Jolah. :]
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90 Pandaren Monk
Regardless of times now, it is good to see some familiar names still!
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85 Tauren Shaman
how goes it nokoma? hope life is treating you well..
morikk/chad is playing rift. can't remember the server though. i still have this toon and jalrox on dragonblight/horde but don't play much there. my lock is still decked out in old bc gear from morikks guild none so vile. couldn't bring myself to move that toon past that phase of wow... too many good friends/memories tied up there..
hope you keep seeing some familiar faces :)
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80 Goblin Shaman
10/02/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Dregelo
Mav and some others from TV went to SWTOR.

I don't believe they play there either anymore. I logged in once in awhile to chat but it's been a very long time.

I do remember Nares from TV LK days.
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I feel your pain, I was pretty active during BC and Wrath, and I agree. DB seems to be lacking some personality. I never thought that I would miss Cheebo or Rehash
I am back on a 10 day trial after a year off. I will probly get the expansion but it is hard to get excited when the server seems ho hum Cheers to all
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90 Troll Hunter
From the random times I resub, there are less and less familiar faces. It's kind of sad.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Hey Noko, some of us from TV are starting to play again. Nom is still around most of the time, Sandl and Booty just got up to 90, and Mav's even been on power leveling his professions. We might start to do a few 10 man's here and there, but I think it'll be a long time before we have any regular raiding going on, if we do anything as TV again.
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Brotherhood of Golgotha is an old guild on DB horde side. We have lost almost all of our guild and are looking for more players. You guys are more than welcome to come over, we are trying to get into raiding but the numbers aren't there. We could get something going...
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90 Human Paladin
i have been playing since the first day and up until like 2 months ago i was a die hard WoW fan but Dragonblight has fallen downhill badly. I hardly see anyone on this server at the peak times and if i log on i just sit for a few minutes in Stormwind and wonder wtf Blizzard is gonna do to fix the issue with free transfers to DB or combine servers. i cancelled my subscription 2 days ago after this long. i just cant pay for a game anymore that has lost my interest. Hopefully soon it will change but i doubt it.
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