Feral PvP talents question

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I'm torn between Soul of the Forest and Incarnation right now. Currently I'm rolling with SotF and I think it's pretty good. Even with it I feel a little energy starved.

But I care only for PvP and Incarnation seems like it must have amazing burst, yet it can only be used once every 3 minutes.

Which do you guys think is better for PvP?
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90 Night Elf Druid
In terms of PvP incarnation is better. When use in conjunction with Berserk it allows for higher on demand burst than many classes can dish out. And the on demand burst is what allows you to get kills in organized arenas/bgs and even in 1v1. The combination of CC chains and on demand burst is what lands kills. Soul of the Forest will yield theoretical higher DPS but that doesn't matter in arena; only in raids.
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You need incarnation. Outside of it feral damage is crap. And you can also use to to stealth while in combat and get away. (i think that's a bug though)
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09/29/2012 11:32 PMPosted by Äëïöü
You need incarnation. Outside of it feral damage is crap. And you can also use to to stealth while in combat and get away. (i think that's a bug though)

Nope not a bug read the tooltip it says "allows the use of prowl while in combat"
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90 Night Elf Druid
Feral damage is not bad without incarnation. You can still have deadly burst with our other CDs. If I remember correctly, a little while ago durring "the feral round table" some extremely skilled ferals spoke about that tier. SotF will have some strengths at the begining of the expansion as our energy regen is just horrible.

Ive played with SotF and still topped DPS meters in BGs, and had enough burst to kill people or at least make them blow every D CD they had (so a friend could kill them :P)

While I played with SotF my pressure and damage felt stronger inbetween burst/kill setups. My "rotation" (term used very loosely here) also felt a little easier to pull off. I also might have had more PS procs to play with. (this is all speculation as the people I played against in these BGs came from all different skill levels and gear setups)

Incarnation is still awesome though. It has some cool defensive capabilities along with great offensive pressure (when combined with berserk) the added crits on higher health targets when you begin the burst is nice. The extra PS procs help keep your health up and/or keep others CC'd so you can continue your burst.

Personally, I like Incarnation better. This may be because I play with a lot of other people and have more opportunities for kills.
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