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((Shadows of the Red Crane is seeking devoted Pandaren (and monks/rogues of all races, but I'll get to that in a second) to join us on our exploration of Azeroth, and reconquest of our homeland. We are a newly-formed light RP guild. if you're looking to get on board with something new, this is the place for you -- if you're looking for the perks of a level 25 guild, simply stroll guildless through Stormwind and one will find you.

We're light RP simply because I don't believe in guild channel RP, and many so-called 'hardcore' roleplayers insist on it. My Pandaren is not carrying around a magical walkie-talkie -- she cannot hear you ICly when you're standing in STV and she's on top of Mount Neverest.

Our focus, for the time being, will be twofold: helping lower-level pandaren level up to the cap, and giving them a stable platform to RP from. We're going to be a somewhat ninja-focused enterprise, which is why we're admitting monks/rogues of every race [and before you jump down my throat, yes, I know Pandaren are Chinese based and shinobi are Japanese. However, the Pandaren also draw a lot of strong cultural influences from Tibet and Nepal, and those countries aren't China either... well, Tibet isn't willingly. I think it's fair to label Pandaren, overall, as 'northeast Asian' and leave it at that].

Later, we'd like to get heavily involved in world PvP. I know, I know, it's cliche. But I remember a time when WoW was all about town raids and taking over boats. Those were good times. We'd like to make them happen again.

So, if any of this sounds interesting to you, just send Aokigahara a whisper in-game and we can set things up. Thanks!))
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World PVP is never cliche, it's still the game's best times. Hope to see you out there :)
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