Tanking Damage Adjustment Hot Fixes

90 Human Paladin
Prot paladins did more damage with SoT? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.........i did more damage pre 5.0.4 as prot than i ever did after. I swear you people don't play your own game,you just look at numbers and go Hmmm lets "fix" this.
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90 Orc Mage

We’re really excited about how Brewmaster Monks are turning out. They can still stand a few tweaks though. Their damage, especially AoE damage

Are... are we playing the same game?
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90 Human Paladin
I don't think many Prot Paladins Tank with Insight up. I personally use Truth for single target, or Righteousness for AOE.

Holy Wrath is low on the priority, and it's a spell that I just really dont like for some reason that even I cant explain. I really didnt want or need it buffed. I would have MUCH rather had a crusader strike 1hander buff!! Or a consecration buff.

An AS buff is amazing, but perhaps TOO amazing. Avenging Shield is already quite powerful, this buff might be too much.

For soloing to 90, Prot was EXTREMELY slow, due to low DPS. Even with multi pulls of 3-4 mobs (hard to gather more than that with the crowded server), I didnt see much of a speed increase, I found it was almost as fast to fight a single enemy at once with Truth up. Which is to say, NOT very fast at all. Nerfing Truth is going to hurt.

Dont Buff Holy Wrath, or AS. Dont Nerf Truth. Buff CS for 1handers instead.
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90 Human Paladin
Chained pulled some heroics and had no problems.

Single target = Truth (DPS) and Insight (when i need that extra healing)
Multi target = That cleave seal! (DPS) and Insight (when i need that xtra healing)

No real problems. I don't run addons but i'm curious if cleave seal outperforms truth on single target, cos that's the only time i switch back to truth.
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39 Worgen Warlock
So no middle ground on survivability for monks? There's already a really, really, really large disparity between monks who play subpar and monks who play perfectly, far larger than any other class, particularly for players subject to lag or fatfinger issues. In addition, monks who play perfectly are STILL destroyed in a situation with a stun or other CC, of which there are several in Mists (Mogu'shan Palace and the horrid evil that is Shank comes to mind).

Any word on DKs being able to AoE kite in challenge modes as well as deal excessive amounts of damage and having a very large number of powerful cooldowns, making them by default the challenge mode tank?
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Lamest excuse ever to release something broken. Deadlines, deadlines. World class development. etc. /lol
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90 Undead Priest
How do you nerf warrior AOE and buff Monk's? where are there numbers coming from exactly?

Monk AOE even before the buff was extremely high, there untouchable now.

Are... are we playing the same game?

I agree, don't know what there playing but it isn't WOW.
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90 Night Elf Druid
10/02/2012 09:51 PMPosted by Rhyder
Seriously? I must be alone on this but Bear tanking has become boring for me.

"Effective" is not the same as "fun".

Please remember that when replying to posts relating to actual class balance.
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90 Troll Shaman
As prot I can grind about 5 harmonies an hour at a certain high mob density grinding spot. Even just questing for dailies you can get 1-2 harmonies an hour (plus a 50% chance of another from the vale treasure chest) - these make lotus' very easy to get.

Plus the farm will yield up to 10 harmonies a week at exalted - this alone will make the price absolutely bomb in a few weeks once more and more people have high level farms and realise what they can purchase.

Yep they will fall like a brick when ppl dont need the spirits to create gear and the farms start up.
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90 Draenei Paladin
I'd really like to know when it was communicated (until now) that Pallys were supposed to use SoI for tanking. Before my clandestine power outage tonight I was getting eaten alive by a single stone guard quillen while my DK counter part was chillin. The whole time I'm like 'OK, I just need to get more SotR's in and I'll be fine'. Come to find out pally tanking has been balanced around SoI. Makes me wonder how I'm supposed to tank the trash on that first pull since our DK was able to accidentally the frenzy off me every 3 seconds with just blood boil.

Le sigh. I just wonder where our feedback the CM's say they're taking goes sometimes. It's like a deep dark void of 'we know best'. It's not like we didn't call a lot of this stuff months before the xpac ever dropped, just to be told the day of and the day before the first raid released 'Oh YEAH!!! we're gonna take your advice now, even though you spent a week hashing out the best way to make due with what we gave you.'
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90 Worgen Druid
10/02/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Brocksamsn
It's funny you guys make these changes now when it was like this all 5 years of beta. Whats a beta for guys?

Free advertising.

Game Betas are currently used as marketing tools. Hence all the "pre-order and get to play in beta". Nevermind finding and reporting bugs, and then fixing said bugs.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
10/02/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Vrethen
can you guys adjust fury dmg now..its pretty pathetic that im 1 of lowest dps

You must suck. I pull 60k single target easy.
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90 Human Warrior
On warrior nerf:
I feel the deep wounds nerf was a little bit overdone. Revenge nerf is reasonable.

Granted, I have always seen the "relatively high" dps from a warrior and blood DK (diseases are way more powerful than deep wounds...) as part of the utility that the classes bring to the group.

For example, a brewmaster monk and protection paladin (even with battehealer glyph) may bring "somewhat lower" damage, however their Statue of the Black Ox and the battlehealer glyph contributes to a good amount of valuable healing.

During beta while doing dungeons from 85-90, there have been healers that swapped to DPS spec to dps because the battlehealer glyph made their job very boring.

I did not try out bears during beta. So no comment on them yet.


On threat:
With the new vengeance mechanic, threat feels very trivial... it is as if I do not have to try at all. If I wasn't doing significant damage during instances I would be really bored.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I dont think this change will make paladins switch to SoI.

We dont use SoI because its heals are so low a healer wont change how they are healing us cause its up.

"Oh the tank just got back 1% of their health, guess ill cancel this flash of light I was casting."

Doing more damage at least has an impact.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Yeah. We somehow missed the memo on SoI being our seal. All the calculations were done with SoT in mind because we were falling behind in AoE threat as it takes forever to ramp up vis a vis other tanks.

Dont think HW and AS doing more damage is gonna close the gap tho...
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90 Human Paladin
So we lose our sustained damage and have to rely on the "burst" damage of AS and Holy Wrath to keep competitive on questing.

SoI is our primary seal? Nice to see this is made public knowledge AFTER release...
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90 Human Warrior
I feel like the revenge fix was def needed but deep wounds is excessive. I think you're going to find that both is too much. Heck, you might have just fixed revenge by removing/reducing the frequency of the proc instead (maybe an internal CD?). It was only really broken because it essencially had no cd on larger groups that caused tons of cd resets.

the deep wounds change is also going to affect our single target a little bit too, and we're already pretty low on single target compared to other tanks (unless we're making healers angry and spamming heroic strike instead of trying to stay alive)

Ya know, the deep wounds change is also going to have a significant impact for those folks still leveling. I leveled arms through 87 however by level 88, I was getting hit way too hard so I switched over to prot, noticed I was taking sigificantly less damage and leveled prot from 88 to 90. I feel for the guys still leveling.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
Dk's are the hero class,
Warriors should be as they have been in this game since day 1, and suffered the endless nerfs and changes..../sad /cry.
This is my new main. /smile
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90 Night Elf Druid
So the blue post mentioned that bloody DK's are doing quite high dps, but from what I've been seeing, brewmaster Monks are absolutely dominating dps, especially AOE dps.

Anyone else think so ?
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