Location: US - Bronzebeard
Faction: Alliance
Loot System: DKP
Raid Times: 7:00 to 9:00 PM PST on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Milkshake was formed on the US - Bronzebeard server during WotLK with members from Bronzebeard and other servers coming together to form one awesome guild! We raid 10 man normal mode content twice weekly. We do not ask that you have any previous raid experience or gear level to join! We do ask that you contribute to the guild by participating on a regular basis in activities with guild members. Activities include weekly dungeons, heroics holiday guild parties open to all members, new and old alike. These include fun games and contests, prizes often include pets, mounts and other fun goodies. While we love having fun, we do take our content seriously and are looking for members who can put on their game face when its raid time. We are a progression based guild, and are looking for players who want to complete current content in a reasonable but timely fashion.

Classes in demand: Warlocks, and ranged DPS

We are currently not recruiting melee classes, as we have a back log of tank alts and melee damage dealers. However if you are not looking to raid and play a melee toon we would be glad to have you.

To apply please visit our website: Milkshakefactory.wowstead.com and in the box with the class icons click the "Apply>>" button.
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