Do you think mistweavers are gonna get nerfed

100 Blood Elf Monk
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77 Pandaren Monk
tell your guild to get someone to max out BS and and archaeology so you can get heirloom pants
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90 Pandaren Monk
Why? How about wait until you ding 90 before making stupid posts?

MW's can spam SCK in LFD runs up until Pandaria and keep everyone up while coming close to topping the meters. That will just OOM you at 90 FYI.
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90 Human Monk
Because at the start of raiding, it seemed Zen: Sphere was healing without diminishing returns, which gave a monk an ability to achieve more than 100k HPS on Feng - I know, because that's how high my HPS was (or was nearing) on many of the attempts for that buggy encounter... and my ilvl is only 455.

They seemed to have fixed it though last night, and perhaps overnerfed it.

As far as ooming, that is only true if you cast surging mist. Once again, despite not having ideal gear for raiding, I'm having less mana issues than the other classes and topping charts. I suggest carefully looking over your abilities and re-thinking your healing strategy if you are ooming.
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100 Tauren Warrior
Monks are in a good place. Their AE Healing is amazing but their single target is lack-luster. Play badly and you go OOM rather quickly. But as people figure out which mechanics are broke, changes/nerfs will come.
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