100 Night Elf Priest

I've never been there, I can't help but heal people so they live.

"No, don't die, I SAID LIVE DAMMIT!"

*spam ALL the heals!*

It's more like... "Okay, tank needs a heal, dps needs a heal, and dps who is standing in fire needs a heal. hrmm, tank first, dps not standing in fire second, and... well you know I should probably conserve some mana just in case there are adds... yeah... that's what I should do.."
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
i think ive healed too much, ive become evil. me-"can u guys plz pick up the dps a lil, i g2g soon"(the dps was possibly the worst in the game lol) ret pally-" can u pick up the heals a lil?!?!" me-" what does that mean? ur all still alive." ret pally-" lol just shut up and heal b." next thing u know the ret dies from some add aoes. ret pally-"wth? u didnt heal me." me-" o sry, my heals were just too slow."........
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100 Undead Priest
back when i healed in wrath I would open every instance by saying "pull like a scrub and you die like one". It was funny how long it took my old guild to realize that it applied to them too. I miss those days somewhat. But ya if i ever do instances on this alt again it'll be as a healer again.
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22 Draenei Shaman
And this is why I always thank the Tank and Healer at the end of a PuG.
<3 for ALL the heals.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I love my healers, since they keep me alive and they love me back since I have a ton of self heals that I make it easier on them. Just that I never tried healing but might try it when I make my monk just need to lvl those damn alts.

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100 Night Elf Druid
I've always been a healer, my questing spec says other wise, but for dungeons, raids, pvp, rp, whatever, I'm a healer. Questing, I'm feral, but I'm Resto, darnit! I also have a Resto Shaman, a Holy/Disc Priest (yes, two healing specs on one character), and a Holy Pally, my favorite in order: Druid > Shaman > Priest > Paladin. Healer for life!
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100 Night Elf Hunter
The best part is being in control of their lives. If a mage needs on a piece of healing gear (has spirit on it) you can just watch him die.

That hunter being douchey? Don't even TOUCH him. Watch his healthbar go down to 0.

The tank being a bit of a jerk? Rushing too fast? Watch him die too! Get rdy to run, though...
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100 Draenei Paladin

Screw BG healing. "Y no healz??" "I'm dead you moron" "HALP HEELZ" "Get this rogue off me and I'll heal you, you fool" *dead*.

Screw it.

Well, I peel for my healers if that makes you feel any better.

Not in the traditional sense of course, I mean with 3 stacks of Selfless Healer and healing them for about 50% of their health.

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90 Human Rogue
I tried tanking and healing once up to several heroics in cata.. I now make sure to always stay out of the fire and stay behind a boss (Unless it has a tail, then it's a bit to the side).

My tank and healer both have a layer of dust an inch thick. I should dust them off one day...
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100 Night Elf Druid
The best part is being in control of their lives. If a mage needs on a piece of healing gear (has spirit on it) you can just watch him die.

That hunter being douchey? Don't even TOUCH him. Watch his healthbar go down to 0.

The tank being a bit of a jerk? Rushing too fast? Watch him die too! Get rdy to run, though...

I won't lie, I've done this, many, MANY times whenever they wouldn't wait for me to drink up, back when I'm still getting used to running things.
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80 Draenei Paladin
I was originally a healer back in TBC and Wrath, quit, came back and swore I would never be subjugated into healing EVER again... That changed after my friends forced me to heal Firelands and now, all I play are healers.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I like to think of healing as killing my group in reverse. Like killing a boss but instead its friends and in reverse. Reverse death. Yea.
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100 Undead Rogue
Had one of those runs tonight in Stratholme where two of the DPS were pulling constantly and the tank was making a heroic effort to gather everything up before it could realize I was the one healing those morons and squash me into a puddle of purple paste.

Thank God for Roll. Some big ol' thing would come after me, and I'd monk-blink to the other side of the tank, he'd pick it up, and we'd move on to whatever they'd pulled next.

After a while, the tank was getting annoyed.

"/p Please let the tank pull"

Well, that didn't work. One of the DPS (I think it was a monk. I'm level 50... we're all monks) said something about the tank hurrying things up, which confused me since we had been going so fast my hooves were getting warm. He then proceeded to pull the next group, much to the tank's annoyance.


He saves my tail again (I have a beautiful tail, by the way. I've been working out.) and just as I sit down to drink outside Rivendare's place -- since I've been OOM practically since I said hello to the questgivers at the entrance -- another one of them pulls.

That's when I heard a sound like angels singing. The clouds parted, the sky opened up, and a heavenly voice spoke to me.

Tank: "/w Tammuz Don't heal."

The third DPS was a smart guy, and saw it coming. The three of us sat back and watched as a pack of abominations beat those two guys so hard their grandmothers felt it.

They didn't have time to run back before we took out Rivendare. Do I feel guilty? About as much as I do after eating a pint of Cherry Garcia, which obviously means it was totally worth it.

as a dps I always love watching other stupid dps do stupid things and get killed. When i was on my priest i loved watching them do stupid things and letting them die.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I have renewed my love of healing through mistweaving! Druid healing started to bore me a little. It was always, lifebloom on tank, cast Wild Growth on CD, heal with Rejuv, back up with slow casts; never much variety. Now it's jump in, tiger paw, black out kick, renewing mist, jump out soothing mist, uplift, shield, jump in dps, spinning crane kick; it's all very situational and the hybridization between healing and dps is so fluid I just can't seem to get enough. DPSing as my Boomie is great and I love healing whenever I see satchels or need a break, but Mistweaving gives me the best of both worlds! Wanna dps and stay a part of the fight? no problem! Wanna stay back and cast heals from a distance (or even do some dps afar)? No problem! but bottom line is, HEALERS ROCK!
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