Which add on should I get as dk tank?

80 Troll Priest
Gonna start raiding this week and was curious as to which add ons will help me. I have dbm and omen so far

Any advice?
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90 Orc Warrior
I like recount, so I can see which DPS is slacking, and so I can see why I died (when I die).

I'm also a big fan of blood shield tracker.
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90 Orc Death Knight
10/08/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Gruklaar
blood shield tracker.
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100 Troll Death Knight
If you dont like the default runes look acherus runes is a good rune addon.
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91 Worgen Death Knight
I use tellmewhen so I don't really need a rune add on
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90 Undead Death Knight
10/08/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Gruklaar
blood shield tracker.
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90 Orc Hunter
Some of the addons I would highly recommend to give you the tools needed to become a better and more aware tank.

Combat Text Management:

Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - I HIGHLY suggest you get this and spend some time in the config section. It's a great way to micro manage the income and outcome damage/healing, also lets you arrange the location of combat text and notifications, making them much easier to read. You can configure what information you'd like to see displayed and the best part is you don't have to see those pesky numbers flying over mobs, especially in AoE situations. (Highly suggest using this)

Cooldown Management:

ForteXorcist - There is one or two that simulate the cooldown bar but this one works very nice in giving you a nice timeline of when CD's are up. 1000% better then looking at a countdown number and can give you time to line up and plan your CDs. Also the buff/debuff timers are nice if you happen to set them up (I personally do but it's subjective). Great CD timeline for any Tank IMHO. (I love this add-on)

Nameplate Management:

Tidy Plates w/Tidy Plates: Threat Plates module - Extremely customizable nameplates that you can tweak to fit what works best for you, much better then the default by far. It's also amazing at threat control on pesky adds, a lot of nice options with the Threat Plates module. (Must have, really, get this addon you need it)

DPS/TPS/DT Management:

Skada - Great alternative to Recount (haven't used since Skada), what I first love about Skada is the extreme ease of use and the ability to easily config additional windows (DPS/TPS), it's nice to have options.

Omen Threat Meter - This is the stable addon for Threat and really is a great addition to a tanks addon list. But if you do use Skada you can create an extra window to show TPS, but in the end Omen is the clear winner for Threat management. Though if you don't run into Threat issues, this addon you can leave off the list.

Vengeance Status - It will display your current vengeance buff and when you rollover the bar will give you a nice little tooltip of your average vengeance. Great visual display of when you may want to use any DPS CD's (if feasible). Most importantly it will give you an idea of how powerful some Active Mitigation will be (Though this may be more beneficial to other Tanks due to Blood Tracking Shield "mentioned below", but still nice to see a history of your Vengeance averages).

Blood Tanking Management:

Blood Shield Tracker - Great for watching how much your Death Strike will heal for and has another bar that keeps a tally of your shield, defiantly a must have. There are a few more options for displaying helpful information(Priest Shields for example), though showing all options can add some clutter. (MUST HAVE FOR DK)

Runes/Runic Power Management:

Your best bet is to search curse.com: "Rune", try them all and use the one that you like the most, these 3 below are probably your best choices:

Magic Runes
Acherus Runes

Honorable Mentions:

!!!Deadly Boss Mods (Technically this should be a no question AddOn, it's a must have)
TipTac - Nice configurable tooltips.
TullaRange - Helps let you know when you target a mob out of range (displays ability in red).
OmniCC - Gives your abilities an overlay CD countdown, alternatively if you use an addon like Raven for supreme buff/debuff management it comes with OmicCC like counter (this I finder Omni a littler nicer)
VuhDo - Mostly desired by Healers but I prefer this over the default Blizzard raid frames. It lets me configure frames to see some info that can be helpful.

Last but not least and my FAVORITE addon:

WeakAuras - VERY customizable addon that does just about anything you want. There are a lot of scripts out there you can import to enhance your specs abilities. For example the one that sacredduty created (exported script) works out really well for Protection Paladins, it's a very helpful way to micromanage your Tanking tools. The possibilities are endless what you can do with this addon, some many clever tricks as well. If there is one addon I couldn't live without it would most defiantly be this one.

As always, good luck!
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Magic Runes
Tidy Plates: Threat plates

^ is what I use
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90 Human Warrior
blood shield tracker.

And Threat Plates. That's about it. I use Protwarbar as Warrior. Bloodshieldtracker does the same kinda deal for you. But threat Plates is a universal quality of life must for tanking.

Edit: ooh wait! Moveanything to move your Runebar some place else that makes a hell of a lot more sense than way up by your portrait. I like it in the middle bottom above my action bars.
Edited by Gervasio on 10/9/2012 8:09 AM PDT
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90 Human Death Knight
Great post Ningos.

For what it's worth, I use:

Xperl ui
Tidy plates

Also a few macros such as one for death pact/raise ghoul and lichborne/death coil.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Threat Plates

Allows you to easily see who has aggro. I use that on my DK tank and this druid healer.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
SpartanUI for player/party frames/bartender comes built in
xperl for raid frames.
blood shield tracker
dkone only for the purgatory announce
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I use DBM, ElvUI, Blood Shield Tracker, Recount, Omen, and... that's pretty much it.
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