Cool addons for healers that

100 Pandaren Monk
COuld show my buffs debuffs closer to me and maybe chi bar closer to my eyes.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Elk Buff Bars or Tell Me When, and Combo Points Redux or Energy Watch Reborn.

If you're really fancy, you could get Event Horizon for your buffs/debuffs, it's the coolest addon there is.
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28 Blood Elf Monk
Since u are a monk ill share with you a simple addon i found to keep an eye on your chi. Simply called ChiBar.. you can probably find it on Curse. If not, its out there. I searched and searched for something exactly like this to tell me how much chi i had. Not very customizable, but hey its just however big or small u want it, where you want to put it, and it does have a few color options. I am happy i found it. Other than that, I have my buff/debuff tracker Raven.
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90 Troll Druid
I use TellMeWhen - you can see it on this add-on shot. It is showing my

1: Harmony upkeep
2: LifeBloom stacks
3: Clearcasting Proc
4: Trinket Proc

The one one just above my manabar is showing (SotF hidden here)

1: SotF buff
2: SwiftMend
3: WildGrwoth
4: Nature's Swiftness

They all have times from the addon OmniCC

It's a wonderful add on and can handle pretty much anything you need

How 25 LFR looks - I have it moved down to the base right of my player frame in this shot
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90 Troll Druid
You can also try MoveAnything. I use it to put my pally's holy power bar right underneath her.
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