Monk tanks!

20 Night Elf Priest
It's not the healer. It's not the dps. It's you.

90% of you SUCK. The 10% that don't are usually something besides pandas.

You can't hold agro, you take way too much damage cause your gear sucks, you don't know how to play, you don't know the boss fights, you think you pull the whole zone and wonder why you die in less than a second, you are the absolute epitome of noob worse than deathknights and hunters ever were....combined!


Learn to play the freaking game and stop blaming your healers.
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90 Pandaren Monk

The bad healer
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
people don't fully know how to tank with a brand new class 2 weeks after launch?

more news at 11
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This guy needs a hug :) c'mere!

Seriously though, monks are still quite new and it will take some time to flesh out proper rotations, CD priority, and stat priority.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
90% of you SUCK. The 10% that don't are usually something besides pandas.

Waiiiiit. Are you the disc priest my monk had in Wailing Caverns earlier tonight? The one that /sat, literally, until I was down to 20% health. And then one of the druids put you to sleep so you couldn't heal, and as a result because I was at 20% the next few seconds that dropped to 0%. Then you dropped to 0%... and everyone else?
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90 Human Warrior
Man, there sure is a lotta butthurt in here.
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39 Worgen Warlock
Maybe you should heal better.

Your tanks might die less.
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