Might transfer here, I have some questions

89 Orc Warrior
Hey guys,
I'm coming from the dead server, Coilfang... yea, nuff said.
Anyways, I wanted to know how are the AH prices/activity, and which faction is better for pvp or pve? (I'm willing to faction change.)

I like raiding and PvP equally, if that helps.

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90 Gnome Mage
As far as I know, Alliance is the faction that has the most happening right now.

I can only think of one horde guild that does meaningful PvE and I can think of 0 horde that do meaningful PvP.

Then again, I don't play horde nor do I pay attention much to their side of things.
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85 Human Priest
Hey yes i completly agree there are 2 horde guild that are very good in pve one 10man one 25 but no point joining them as they have set teams and never swap players.

Alliance on our battlegroup definatly dominates pvp. Alliance also have some pretty good pve'ers

Hope this helps!
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79 Night Elf Rogue
AH prices seem reasonable and at around the same range for prices on other servers.

Been on Crushridge since day one, It's always been a pretty fun and active server on both the alliance and horde side.

Pvp, I've probably gotten unlucky with as most times I'd say horde win, but I've heard the opposite from other people.

All and all, I think you'd be satisfied if you decided to move here.
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1 Blood Elf Paladin
Alliance dominates pvp? Are you mistaken for another battlegroup or something?

Pvp honestly, it varies. There's times I've gotten into groups and been unlucky enough to lose most matches in a time period, and times I win every one I step into. I'd be more inclined to say it's slightly Horde dominated (judging more by not only what my own experiences are, but the experiences of people I know as well.)

As far as raiding goes, I don't know how many guilds are raiding Alliance side, but the Horde side isn't as dead as some of these allies seem to make it out to be either. Every time I happen to be in trade there's advertisements for raids going on. (I haven't been on much this past week as I've been sick *sniffles*)
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