Ok I Admit It, I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

86 Undead Warlock
I have really been wanting to bring my warlock back since the glory days of BC but my main has always been a warrior. I want to play a warlock effectively!

My warriors pretty geared up so the only thing I have left to do on him is arenas and rbgs each week and I am committed to having a geared 90 lock.

The Problem? I have no freaking clue what I'm doing.

I know that good melee like warriors are going to eat me up because I eat locks up. Seems like demo is the spec that gets me. But I just don't feel comfortable at any spec.

What do I do when melee attacks me? What's a decent spec? How do I survive?

Melee eats me up? Should I spec demo? If so do I use a demon or that sacrifice thing?

Please Help!

Edit: I know there's alot of variables right now. I'm level 86 in the 85-89 bracket so I know I'm going to get trained. However I freeze when melees on me and I just want to practice the tools to dealing with them. I want to do 2s at 90 with my wife who is a holy pally if that helps.
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90 Undead Warlock
10/06/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Xenabi
What do I do when melee attacks me? What's a decent spec? How do I survive?

What mostly works for me is demo, sacrifice pet...keep absorb up..use UR when taking a lot of damage..and hope to god your teammates are good and can help kill things :P IDK I'm no pro but I have fun as demo at least. Also, probably a noob thing, but I stay Dark Apotheosis.
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90 Undead Warlock
10/06/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Xenabi
How do I survive?

I'll tell you of a story about a man who decides, after SEVENTY years, to go to a church, just to unlock the door, while the people around him just criticize and sleep. But through a fractal in a breaking wall, he sees his friend, and is able to touch his face again.

*rips off overcoat, revealing a black scarred face from a rare case of DLE, painted fingernails holding onto a microphone and skintight leather jeans.*


Good story, imho.

10/06/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Xenabi
I want to do 2s at 90 with my wife who is a holy pally if that helps.

This will work if you can peel for her while she peels for you. If too much peeling is taking place, then not enough peeling is taking place, if you get me. So if you peel too much, then you're not peeling hard enough, therefore peeling = not peeling hard enough. Basically, if you peel, you shouldn't need to peel, but if you need to peel, then you shouldn't be peeling in the first place. < This is not a joke, it's me trying to word it.

And you can't survive against Warriors or DKs. As of yet.
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