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Who are we?

Ghostbusters formerly known as <Terrible> started over 4 years ago on Sargeras under the name <Vs>. The guild was formed by Suggz (Salv at the time) and Hirn at the time with the goal of being a top end raiding guild. Since that time our core members have obtained many server firsts including M'uru (pre 3.0), Sarth 3D 10 & 25man, Malygos and Yogg-saron.

In ICC, as <Vs> on alliance, we are the only guild on Nesingwary to accomplish 11/12 hardmodes in 25 man. We are also the only guild to kill Heroic Lich King 10 on Nesingwary.

In Cata, we started out strong posting a top 100 US kill of Nefarian (kill date from armory 12/29/2010 which is a kill from my priest Amavel). After a strong start myself and others had personal things that needed to be taken care so the guild was forced to quit raiding until Dragon Soul. We came back for Dragon Soul and moved from Nesingwary to Blackhand and started to recruit and bring back long time <Terrible> members who had moved on and had success in other top tier guilds. With former members coming back for Dragon Soul we were able to be Blackhand server 3rd to kill Madness normal and proceed to kill 5/8 Heroic DS before we once again were forced to call it quits (at the time we were second on the server).

Now that MOP is going on 2 weeks in we have brought back some old members who have rekindled interest in the game and our looking for a few members to fill out our ranks for 10 man raiding and to get back to the former success we are accustomed to.

What are we recruiting?
All classes welcome

What do we expect in our recruits?

We are a small tight knit group that does not recruit for the bench, therefore we expect our raiders to be very active. Many of our raiders hold 100% raid attendance, almost none under 90%. We also are only looking for players who bring a high level of play to everything they do, for example, the use and knowledge of how to effectively use macros, mods, and anything else you may need as well as a clear understanding of what it takes to maximize everything you do in raids.

We expect recruits to make all raids, and to come prepared with flasks and potions, or any other consumables used in raids. As we only raid 3 days a week, we need people who are quick learners and can adapt to situations quickly. We want applicants who are confident with their play; everyone makes mistakes, it is learning from them, and fixing them, that makes a great player. Our guild also hosts many avid forum goers, and our forums are very active, so we would like applicants to participate.

General Guild Information

Raid Times: Tuesday - from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST Wednesday - From 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm CST Thursday - From 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST

Officers: Zubrinwe(GM), Hirn

If you want to know more, feel free to contact one of our officers in game or any of our members for more information.

Thank You for your time and consideration and best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

To apply, sign up on our site at http://www.wowterrible.com and post an application on our forums!
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