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OK I know this will never happen because it would require too much work. But building on the idea of atonement healing why dont they just make us like the chloromancer in Rift? Why does atonement only heal one player? Make it smart heal 5 PLAYERS (no damn pets) and increase its radius to 40 yards like every other heal. Give us 2 buffs. One that makes most of the healing from our damaging spells go to the tank with a little to the raid and another that lets the healing go to the raid healing the 5 most hurt players. Obviously we can only have one of these up depending on if we need to provide more raid healing or tank/single target healing.

Remove the cooldown on Penance so it can be spammed for tank healing but reduce the damage/healing to compensate. Also reduce mana costs for damaging spells or give us another mana regen tool on top of mindbender. Our AoE healing is nonexistent as Prayer of Healing is total trash so just remove that and give it to Holy Priests or DKs or anyone else cause the spell just sucks. Replace it with a cleave nuke that hits 3-4 targets similar to Cascade that can also be used to provide more group/raid healing. Also give us a buff that can be placed on targets so when other classes do damage it has a chance to heal them for a % of the damage they do

There I just made Disc more fun and also viable for raid healing.
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Why does atonement only heal one player? Make it smart heal 5 PLAYERS (no damn pets) and increase its radius to 40 yards like every other heal.

It worked like that at the beginning of Cata and was, if I recall correctly, quite OP. Well, it healed the melee, I don't think it had a player cap, but it did have a ten yard radius much like Monk's damage-heals. Maybe it didn't even make it past beta, but I specifically remember the first day or so there were a lot of people complaining about how Atonement Disc was overpowered because all you had to do was bunch everyone up in melee and Smite and it was ridiculously mana efficient and pretty powerful (and this was back when every healer was starved for mana).

As for the others, I agree Penance needs a shorter cooldown, but I don't think it should have no cooldown, personally. I'd rather keep it fairly meaty and it needs a cooldown to be that meaty heal.

A lot of your ideas sound pretty OP and I think you ought to think about what they really entail before you declare Disc "fixed" from this.
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but it did have a ten yard radius much like Monk's damage-heals.

Monk is 20 yard, not 10. Also, not certain whether you were implying Monk Eminence healing is an AoE, but it's not. It works very similarly to Atonement, actually, just 20 yards instead of 15, and is baseline 50% of all damage (rather than specific spells) excluding auto-attack. With the statue down, the statue will echo Eminence healing to a target within 20 yards of it, and with Blackout Kick's Serpent's Zeal buff active (and stacked twice), auto-attacks are included as well.

But ya, there's a reason Trion has had to adjust Chloromancer mechanics so often since release. The DPS-to-heal concept is very difficult to balance. If they heal at the same level as other healers, they risk becoming required, as they augment raid DPS as well. If they heal sufficiently less than other healers, they risk being considered useless and largely a novelty, rather than a viable playstyle option. Where that balance point lies is also rather vastly different between PvP, small group PvE, and raid PvE.

Also, consider that Chloromancer is just one of 8 (possibly more, it's been a year or so since I last played Rift) souls selectable by the Mage. Disc is one of only 3 specs for priests. If they do it wrong, they risk forcing all healing priests to be Disc (hell, possibly even all DPS priests), or forcing them all to be Holy.
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