Tank damage is a bit skewed

90 Worgen Druid
Last few nights in MV, I've been tanking with a DK. This DK is still wearing a few greens and we were swapping back and forth on attempts for Feng.

On my most successful attempt with tanking him, I hit about 35k sustained dps according to the logs. On our wipes and our eventual kill, our blood dk is doing ~50k damage and is top or nearly top of the raid dps.

On Garal last night, I reforged completely for expertise/hit as much as I thought I could afford. Which meant I have dodge completely off the table, and about 1.24% off hit cap. Moreover the DK is not reforged for threat, and when he came out of the spirit world after a tank swap and him killing adds, just his diseases and autoattacks would be nearly pulling off me. Then when we killed him he was up near the top of those meters/logs as well, even though he was in a different phase than me for a lot of the fight.

Now I've been doing this whole tanking thing for a while, and I haven't had to ever limit another tank's threat because my own was insufficient during an intended tank swap.

I would love to see Druid damage brought up to compete with Blood at the moment, but I think that might be overdoing it.
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There was a hotfix yesterday morning that is meant to address those issues.


From the post it seems like nerfing DK damage is a last resort.

maybe we'll see more Warrior, pally, druid damage hotfixes soon.
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Thrash was buffed a pretty good time ago, before the raid came out.
So far as I know, nothing's changed for bears since tuesday.
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90 Worgen Druid
Yes, it was buffed before we entered raids. Unfortunately I believe that dks escaped unscathed and further adjustments are needed. I can only speak for my dps as a tank comparatively to the one dk I've run with.

Though I've got better gear, and am reforged for threat/dps. Yet he doesn't just beat me with his few greens and no threat/dps reforging, he trounces me.

Also, I did not mention that I am forced to use a lot more rage on maul than I should just to ensure he doesn't pull threat with auto attacks and diseases.
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90 Human Paladin
Dk's always seem to be top DPS tank. They are 'balanced' or tuned better said around using a 2 hander and their strikes %'s are really high. I don't see my pally ever competing with a blood DK in tems of DPS, not even with the buffs. Those buffs were to abilities that aren't HP generating priority ones.
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10/04/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Dorcaz
Those buffs were to abilities that aren't HP generating priority ones.

Avenger's Shield is a holy-power generator roughly half the time you use it. Either way, it's now the best tankadin attack there is for threat generation (HoPo concerns aside), so it is a priority ability if you're worried about losing aggro.
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