Ok guys Rumspringa is over

its time for dramemere to come back

Varna go kill low levels from very advantageous positions... like up in a tree where they wont see u till they hit 50%

Marytneith get back here and lawyer up this place its fallen into an unorganized mess

everyone who ended there name in Mang. there havent been death threats on these forums since DiE left. (Palamang, i miss Wii store music in vent - for the ENTIRE raid...)

Riosjoe use your awesomeness to get wildcaster and progeria to start playing again

Pizjub... i hope your still alive bro <3

Eyece so fly

Sickly and Sillothor stop being poor and buy wow time

mikethedruid is still here but thats underwhelming

Ruazhiaziam i saw u log on so i know ur still here... pandas arent that bad man

etherimp i doubt ud come back to wow regardless but i cant "not" mention ur name.

NAB AND BOTTLE, i miss u, well nab, bottle ur a @#!%@*@% (Rip mudkipz)

this server has been an empty shell since it lost its soul, remember the good/horrid times we had, the ENTIRE server United in the common hate of itself. its just a bunch of people who dont insult each other. They use /2 to exchange goods ffs, this madness needs to be corrected. there needs to be @darkmang @afterlife @gankone filling this place up again.

so everyone xfer back, make your guilds with blatantly ironic names like negative progression and absolute synergy and we can forget this last 3 years ever happened.

i know u all saved ur guilds on alts dont pretend u didnt.

perky u can stay gone ull just retire in 2 weeks ne way<3
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i was killing an osul sharphorn and had a thought

i miss owlsharpton :(

so since i have 0 life and nothing better to do heres a list of ppl i miss

lucifer (even though he intentionally called me texas the entire time i played with him.. #%###@@*)
oli :)

pretty much everyone from < dirty bad fun > and < servents of sin >

god... do i miss good trolls... methus, myntala etc, now its just sad attempts at best.

pretty content with not seeing kramer. or god... tommygunns...
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41 Pandaren Monk
Lol amish people don't play WoW
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this is what im talking about... this is the troll post i get after giving LOADS of material to work with
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I actually just recently started to play once again since I quit when cata was released...I'd only consider transferring to Darrowmere if only it were made a PvP server once again.

I still keep in touch with a bunch of olds, but Wildcaster does not want to come back hahaha.

Skidro, formerly a Human Paladin just told me that he was finally going to come back as well this Thursday to join me and friends :]

I recall all those names you mentioned of other players, but I haven't spoke with majority of them since I left Darrowmere...
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i did the same thing.. played about 2 weeks of cata and stopped. just came back the week b4 panda, and i doubt theyll make it pvp again, they have no reason to care. idk why they switched it to begin with.

im not 100% but im pretty sure holyblade quit to. i havent seen him in a few months but last time i talked to him he seemed done with it.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
How bout the guild Chuck Fu? Those guys were always lots of fun running with and always willing to terrorize alliance city somewhere in game. Is anybody left from Chuck Fu? CCecil and Komics and thier gangs were always killing people everywhere. Ahh the good ole days of Darrowmere! I had a lot of fun back then!
Edited by Skagan on 11/9/2012 10:21 AM PST
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crackcarton was a fun guy too, chuck fu was good ppl. assume the position too
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I'm still here :) Gank when I can, but world pvp is dead.
I miss running PMR 3's with Serphant and Necro

Ccecilr - My old glad rogue!
Ccecilw - warrior
Ccecilh - Hunter
Ccecilz - pally
Ccecilx - shaman

BC was the best hands down.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hey Ccecil!! BC was the best! Southshore and Stranglethorn Vale always had fighting going on you were never safe on the roads. The Isle was a blast doing dailies. I would say that is the best place ever to do dailies. So much fighting going on that you almost couldn't get them done if you wasn't in a group. How is Malorne?
Edited by Skagan on 11/21/2012 4:59 PM PST
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Yea the Isle was the best hands down. Malorne is ok, think i'm going to xfer my mage off though. Can't find any serious peeps to play with. All the ex glads except for me and necromunger have left ;/
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Where are you thinking about going? I would say come back to Darrowmere and fire Afterlife back up but nobody really left here. I was running somethings with Gankone but he is even gone now. Never thought he would leave Darrowmere. Thinking about moving this guy been thinking about Altrec Mountains. I leveled my hunter to 90 but I havn't done much since. Going to start playing this guy more and going holy agin on him. I haven't been holy since level 70 and 80 days. It has been nice seeing some past Darrowmere players in forums agin:)
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41 Night Elf Warrior
http://www.wowpedia.org/Server:Darrowmere_US there you go kids. have fun readin. :3
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Do you need a hug Rain?
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Sorry Skagan been helping level a guild on a friends server. Will be back to Darrowmere soon.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
No need to be sorry G1. You are just doing what you do helping people out.
I took a short break when I got a new job but started my account back up yesterday.
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90 Troll Priest
I guess I will post here and let you know I stopped being poor and bought wow time. No clue what ol' Sickly is up to these days. Probably not being poor and buying wow time.
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90 Troll Priest
Kandrew joined the military and reads our posts on wow forums for the government. Do not troll at him, he will tell them you are a terrorist. Oli plays EU, I think... and I heard a rumor that Elsi don't give a !@#$ what any of you think.
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90 Troll Priest
Deathdank is playing Wizards 101. That is not a joke. That is serious.. Reggae too... They... play that together.
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