best place to start questing at level 80


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so i have a toon who has done nothing in wrath of the litch king as far as quests, would it be worth it to go back and do those or should i do cata quests? and where do you begin questing at level 80 its been a few years since i've played i appriciate the help!
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Definitely start Cata zones, the gear will greatly exceed anything you'll get in Northrend. Just check the Hero's Call board near the bank of any major city, it'll provide the breadcrumb quest for the next zone(s).

Most start in Stormwind, and that's where the portals to those zones will be. The first two are Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir, most people prefer to begin in Hyjal because it isn't underwater, where things will get you from any direction.
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Definately Hyjal =D
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Thanks I was about to ask the same thing
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