A number of heroic or better geared players on Destromath are waiting for their teams to fully prepare or have chosen not to maintain a position with their guild's raiding team.

I am in the former category and worked last week with a number of players I know to get in there and start some attempts on the first boss. It was a run that was thrown together in less than 24 hours and was more to just get a feel for it so we could relay the experience back to our respective guilds

I am now working on putting together sxheduled runs for at least the next couple of weeks to actually make some progress for outselves while we wait for other members of our guilds to get ready. If you feel you are prepared for raiding and don't want to waste a week of progression attempts, send me a message, tell or friend invite and we can talk about getting you in there.

These runs are meant to be fair and non-guild affiliated. Preference will always be given to people who have done the work to prepare themselves with the appropriate gear and item enhancements, can demonstrate knowledge and skill in their class and roll and are generally not douches.

We will be using the Need before Greed loot system so that things are kept pretty fair. However, if we find a person is repeatedly needing on gear even after winning an item and not passing for others who would benefit and are empty handed so far, you will not be invited back. Any D/E mats or other such things will be rolled off when we call it.
Edited by Kyliaar on 10/10/2012 10:40 PM PDT