Justice and Honor Gear Changes

100 Tauren Druid

JP gear was never meant to qualify you for LFR thats what heroic gear plus the rep gear is for. Same thing at the start of every xpac.

And how is this? 4.3 required 372 ilvl and JP gear was 378 at that time. So with dungeon drops supplemented with JP gear you could get in LFR.

Now it is "intended" to have to get every slot filled in dungeons or by crafted or rep epics to get in LFR.

LFR was already in danger once people figure out how bad the new slot machine loot system works and now with this new improved inability to get in LFR except by regular raiders who don't really want or need it, it will be a ghost town.

(Start of every xpac) Im not talking about 3 patches in, we are not 3 patches into mop there are other ways to get gear for heroics and lfr you just have to work a little. Do the rep grind or just get heroic gear and you will be fine. The LFR item level is only 470 if you do both of the things said above you will have plenty of gear to get into LFR

You only have to do a week or so of either golden lotus (If you have crafting) or klaxxi to get gear to supplement heroic gear.

Edit: 463 avg ilvl for the first two, and 470 avg ilvl for the last three. (LFR raids)
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90 Undead Warlock
10/02/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Hycineda
Honestly, I am grateful for this change. PvP gear should be primarily for PvP, while the same could be said for PvE. While it sucks justice point gear is still inferior to heroic gear, I understand it is filler gear in case you have bad RNG. Although honestly, I wish PvP gear had no ilvs so it could be just for PvP only. Sadly it would never happen, but I can dream.

except its not filler gear when it doesn't get people into LFR - filler gear would be ilvl 463
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
So how about those low ilvl honor weapons that existed for months on beta? Those weapons are lower level than any pve weapon so won't impact pve at all, why were they left out?

Or honor/justice trade good vendors? After a few months of playing we're going to be back sitting on capped justice and honor points again.

Both are huge losses to quality of life to people who don't pve, and really goes against Blizzard's recent statements of not forcing people to pve/grind quests to get money they need to function.
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96 Gnome Warlock
10/02/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Omegal
I've found spirits of harm so easy to come by. I can produce easily, 2 per hour, whlie similtaniously farming meat for cooking.

I found 9 motes in 13 hours of grinding.


Edit: I also need 10 spirits per DMC card if they ever added that recipe to the game.
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90 Troll Priest
10/02/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Ambaire
You need to be able to report blue posters, because this is some of the finest trolling I have ever seen.

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85 Draenei Paladin
10/02/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Aireous
basicaly pvp gear is still the path with the least resistance i mean come on blizz i had to buy crafted pvp gear to run dungeons wats with that?

On my main I was at 437 ilvl when i dinged 90 ... bought 2 rings off the ah for under 1500g total and i was set ... so if anyone is that far off of 439 ilvl to where they are relying on the pvp gear to get there they are doing something totally wrong
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90 Gnome Priest
While you are at it, could you please allow a lvl 90 to que for random and actually earn jp before they get ilvl 440? My alt is stuck at ilvl 437 with no way to earn jp except doing just what this hotfix is supposed to resolve, gear up for PvE by doing PvP.
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100 Tauren Druid
10/02/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Ellípsis
Honestly, I am grateful for this change. PvP gear should be primarily for PvP, while the same could be said for PvE. While it sucks justice point gear is still inferior to heroic gear, I understand it is filler gear in case you have bad RNG. Although honestly, I wish PvP gear had no ilvs so it could be just for PvP only. Sadly it would never happen, but I can dream.

except its not filler gear when it doesn't get people into LFR - filler gear would be ilvl 463

Its filler gear to get people into heroics to get the gear for lfr. The filler gear for lfr is the rep gear.
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100 Orc Shaman
Will I be getting a refund on the honor points spent to purchase the gear and the gold I spent getting it gemmed and enchanted?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
This change is garbage. You couldn't figure out your item levels until a week into live? Didn't you have 10 months of beta? Also to say that honor is the far better way to gear up for heroics and raids is not a correct statement at all. What if you don't win games? Then it's by far a slower way.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Consequences of this change:
- A player now requires Heroic Gear in every slot to get into LFR.
- Players who have already bought this gear are out thousands of JP and Honor.
- IT IS STILL EASIER to get you ilvl up high enough to do heroics by doing battle grounds (300 honor a BG compared to 30 JP for a scenario).
- PvP Gear is still preferable to JP gear in PvE. It has more sockets and set bonuses that are actually helpful in some specs for PvE.

So basically, you made all the gear I bought today weaker with no effect on how appealing it is. You've lowered it's effectiveness, while still not making it unappealing enough to avoid. This is why people are upset.
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100 Orc Shaman
Yeah. !@#$ing pissed. I'm spent thousands of gold of mats get these PvP items ready, partially by DE'ing the old items. Now it's getting nerfed, and I'm getting screwed.

Set Honor items to 463. Justice to 463. And don't screw over everybody who already bought things.

I don't understand why justice gear is lower ilvl than heroic gear in the first place.
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96 Gnome Warlock
10/02/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Bahska
The filler gear for lfr is the rep gear.

Except rep gear takes so long to get that you'll be in heroic raid gear before you could ever use rep items to step into LFR.
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16 Troll Druid
we told you this during the beta and you did nothing, now you decide to do it now?

you people literally never pay attention to anything.

Because they are either lazy or incompetent. No other way about it as it has been posted up in the forums, reported in beta feedback, and posted all over the internet about PVP gear being so much better than jp gear, which at launch was still tied to ridiculous rep grinds.

So I and many others in my guild planned around this and have geared accordingly, and now they pull this?
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100 Pandaren Shaman

Thanks for doing this after it went live and making me basically waste a ton of honor / jp points / gold for enchanting / gemming on gear I would never have bought after the nerf.

Such a stupid move.

Give me back the 4k honor 2k in justice points + the gold I spent plz.
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90 Orc Warlock
I have a prudent question: Where are all of the PvP Cata Gear Vendors that use to be inside the Hall Of Legends now? Did Blizz decide to put them in Wintergrasp to give us a reason to go to that raid? = <rhetorical>= I hope this is just a bug and the Quatermasters will be put back in the Hall of Legends, inside of Ogrimmar.... Several of the "PAYING" Customers are getting sick of this, myself included. I pay to play, not to surf the net looking for answers to problems caused by sloppy programmers and people who apparently don't get it. If it ain't broke don't fix it and if it is broken, then hire competent people capable of doing the job right! <digressing>
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90 Troll Mage
We’re working to adjust current Justice and Honor gear to better align with intended values. Currently it’s more lucrative to run Battelgrounds for ilvl 464 epics, and convert all Justice to Honor to gear up. While some crossover is fine, the most optimal way to gear for PvE doesn’t make sense to happen through PvP.

This hotfix will ideally go out today, and once applied will change all Justice and Honor items (including those already purchased) in the following ways:

Justice Items
    Current – ilvl 450 Rare
    New – ilvl 458 Rare

Honor Items
    Current – ilvl 464 Epic
    New – ilvl 458 Rare

We’ll be increasing the PvP Power and Resilience on the Honor items by 15% to compensate for this change.

Again, our design in Mists of Pandaria is to allow for a greater degree of crossover between PvE and PvP using the same gear, but the original item levels simply made Honor gear (through Battlegrounds or conversion of Justice to Honor) a far better route to gear up for PvE. Players who enjoy PvE shouldn’t feel forced to PvP to get the best gear, and vice versa.

Yeah thanks for this. Knowing the entire time on Beta that the PvP gear was just as good as heroic dungeon gear if not better for some pieces. Also thanks for not breathing a word to anyone ahead of releasing this gear and us buying it and ench/gem it to be optimized for todays raids. As always you guys are a day late and our dollar (gold) short.

Just highly frustrating to spend time weighing stats and wasting ench mats and then you guys figure out what the entire wow community has known and been saying for months now.

P.S. Anyone who buys justice gear must be playing with hooks for hands as thats the only way you would have problems getting gear out of heroic dungeons. Justice points are only good for buying honor as the gear from the rep vendors is total crap.
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