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I started my WoW experience here at the end of Wrath due some friends introducing me to the game, and transferred off when Cata hit to follow those friends to another server. Well, real life has intervened and caused several to quit for various reasons, so I was looking to come back to Alleria.

Why? I was Alliance here, and switched to Horde when I moved servers. I am tired of Horde, so wanted a server with good Alliance population, and Alleria seems to fit the bill. I guess my first experience with Stormwind and the Alliance has biased me :)

I am a casual player, and with a wife, house, job and real life, I play to relax, and have fun. I prefer to level alts (I think I have alt-itis), level professions, run LFD/LFR, and just relax and have fun. Not really into raiding, can be too stressful, plus I get to work early AM, so I'm usually not up late anyway. I've played several different characters, and usually either heal or DPS depending on class (no tanking for me).

Are there any social/leveling guilds around that don't mind people that don't raid? I'd probably bring this toon over with some heirlooms to level a monk or something. Just trying to find somewhere to relax and "smell the roses" in Azeroth with some nice people.
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Come talk to me. We are prob right up your ally. :D
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10/12/2012 10:20 AMPosted by Vazziera
Come talk to me. We are prob right up your ally. :D

That's a horrible pun. o.O
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It might be a horrible pun but you can't expect a lot from an elf
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<one boss at a time> Is actually trying to get casual players who just play WoW for fun. We will occasionally do a raid, we aren't a raiding guild by far. We have a very small roster right now, but we don't want it to end up huge either. We really just like to have fun in WoW, even if that means flying around killing random things in random zones to see if we can bag a rare.

When we do run raids/instances, we don't take it super seriously. Yeah, we are trying to get through it, but we aren't worried if a couple people have to leave unexpectedly. Life happens.

Through WotLK and BC, I was very active in <Keepers of Hope>, doubt anybody remembers us, but our guild events usually consisted of everybody agreeing on a time in the evening on Friday night, and meeting up at what is now the Dwarven District Bank. Sometimes we ended up at Crossroads for PvP, sometimes we would run somebodies alt, but we all started to know each other for who we are out of game. KoH has been inactive now for years. But we all still keep in touch with each other. A lot of people I've talked to about this said it was "odd". But with all the long nights we spent up on vent, we just got comfortable with each other.

That's what <one boss at a time> is trying to bring back. A small to medium guild of close knit players.

Feel free to inbox me or PST me if im online.
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