Shadow/Holy Priest Possible Transfer[H]

Priest: Morgax (lvl 90) | Rogue: Hookah
LF 25m guild. Will consider very good 10m

Hello all

Currently looking for a (PST) server to start up hardcore raid progression on. Currently on an east coast server and a lot of the raid times are hard for me to make. Currently looking for a guild with raid times around 6pm-11pm PST.

Raid ex:
Started playing in late vanilla but didn't start raiding hard core until BC.
In BC Started most with my rogue clearing everything up until kael'thas until my guild fell apart and I joined another guild with my priest. I healed mostlly everything Clearing BT and sunwell up to Felmyst before a quit the game. I stared up again in WOTLK right as the Trial of the Crusader came out. Cleared all raids. In Cata I really only played the first part on my rogue clearing BWD and BoT in the early stages, but still played my priest a bit. Quitting again mainly because I couldn't make raid times and to play other MMOs. Now back to progress through raiding with a long term guild.

My Gear:
Full heroics with some epics in both holy and shadow specs (Yes I have different gear for each spec)

Max chanting (with 10 crystals saved up)
Max tailoring with epic patterns
Max Cooking to make my int/Spirit food
Fishing 500s (working on it)
More than enough gold to buy my own flasks and pots for raids

I know nothing of horde guilds on this server so if you are interested in another strong raided please comment on this post and I will fill out an application for your guild. I am leaning more towards shadow for MoP but will be happy to heal for a strong guild (or do both). Any loot system is fine.

Thank you and I hope I can find a long term guild here to call home.
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100 Tauren Druid
10/08/2012 12:49 AMPosted by Morgax
LF 25m guild.

Nord Isent the best place for that.
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