Panda racial cooking bonus and armor error

90 Draenei Shaman
The Panda Racial Cooking Bonus (Gourmond I believe) does not work for the new Specialties. Neither does the Artifact Cooking Piece I purchased that increases +10.

I understand how the + proffession bonus' work. They allow you to maintain the ability to earn a skill point from creating something when it would normally already be greyed out. However the new SUB catagories in Pandaran cooking are not benefiting from this ability.

The Pandaran Recipee "Fire Spirit Salmon" goes gray at 575. It falls under the Sub Catagory Way of the Steamer. With my Pandaran Racial cooking bonus it should now go gray at 590, however it does not. I even purchased the Frying Pan to increase my ability to skill up some more. This additional +10 means I have +25 and it should now go gray at 600.

This is how I understand the system to work, how it works with + Herbalism enchants and + Jewelcrafting.

But the new SUB Catagories "Way of the (Wok, Steamer, Grill. . .ect)" don't take advantage of this ability. When they should. The new leveling withen a leveling should also take advantage of the + skill bonuses. Your feedback on this is much appreciated.
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90 Draenei Shaman
May I please have a response to this? My major concern is I spent money for a race change to take advantage of the Bonus only for it not to work. I feel cheated and misled. That is why I am hear asking for feedback.
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91 Worgen Druid
unless something changed that i am not aware of this is not how profession bonuses work

say, in case of a gathering profession, you have a node that requires 550 skill to use, but you are only at 540, you then equip a +10 to gathering item and you are able to use the node

for a crafting profession its similar, if you have a recipe that requires 550 skill to learn but are only at 540 skill and then equip a +10 item you are able to learn said recipe

they do not let you skillup longer, they simply let you train/gather things earlier then you would otherwise be able to (and save some mats in the progress because you are essentially skipping a few skillups)
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90 Night Elf Priest
Items and racial bonuses that give a boost to one of your profession skills do not actually alter the unmodified skill values required for the Working Better As a Team guild achievement (to which my draenei jeweler can attest, as she had to get 610 skill in jewelcrafting to earn our guild credit for 600 skill in the jewelcrafting profession). Items that give skill boosts will not allow you to learn recipes earlier, and as far as I've observed, they have no impact on the thresholds at which recipes give skill gains.

A racial profession bonus gives you a head start on skill points from a recipe-acquisition standpoint. You will not be required to make the first 15 combines in the process of gaining the skill required to learn cooking recipes, to use the Gourmand racial as an example. I'll admit, I've not paid attention as to whether or not this functions in the fashion you've observed in regards to the skill level at which recipes grey out for those with a racial bonus to that profession. If recipe skill thresholds are based on a character's unmodified skill values in the same fashion as guild achievements, they could cause racial bonuses to appear to function that way.

Taking this into consideration, it seems implied that cooking bonuses (be it from a racial bonus or equipped gear) will not affect the cook's skill in the individual Ways, just as it would not give you another 15 skill points every time you learned a new recipe or began working on a new tier. So yes, pandaran characters, too, will have to make 5 banquets (or 4 great banquets) to finish each of the six Ways of cooking, should they desire to do so. This seems perfectly in line with how the other racial profession bonuses work.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I disagree with your statement Ryderly as I know that is exactly how the + profession system works. In simplest terms it will prevent an item from graying out at its original level. This is how jewelcrafting and Mining work.
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85 Undead Mage
10/10/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Caspi
I disagree with your statement Ryderly as I know that is exactly how the + profession system works. In simplest terms it will prevent an item from graying out at its original level. This is how jewelcrafting and Mining work.

I am sorry, no.
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