Error while trying to patch. Corrupted file?


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When trying to download the newest patch, I get this message:

ERROR: The file "F\World of Warcraft\Updates\wow-0-16135-Win-final.MPQ" appears to be corrupt. You may need to download this file again.

How would I go about fixing this?
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I'm getting this too. When I get the error message and click "Ok" the launcher closes itself, and when I reboot the launcher I get the same error message. I tried manually deleting the patch only for the download to restart and then get stuck at the same spot again. Upon closing and rebooting the launcher I get the same error all over again.
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I went ahead and deleted the 16135 file and that seemed to work when I relaunched.

Have you tried to delete both the 16135 and the 16137?
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You need to delete file. wow-0-16135-Win-final.MPQ

Run launcher
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I deleted the file before and that didn't fix it, but it just randomly finished the download for me after I restarted it a few times. I guess the "corrupt" file wasn't so corrupt. I have no idea what fixed it either, but the patch finished downloading and I'm in game now.
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You need to delete file. wow-0-16135-Win-final.MPQ

Run launcher

Thank you, this worked for me.
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Thanks this worked
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how do you delete this file?
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Delete said file

relaunch...had a stutter but it downloaded
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Yea, I JUST had the same thing happen with a hotfix patch that was released today, just had a different number on the file name. Kept on getting a "File is corrupt" message evertime I would try to DL it. Went into C drive, WOW updates, deleted it. Re-Downloaded it, just worked like new=)
Thanks for the advise from previous problems!
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How do I delete file!?! I have an hp laptop
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The file is not even in the folder. So I guess I can never play again.
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Nvm I found it.
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The ERROR: The file "F\World of Warcraft\Updates\wow-0-16135-Win-final.MPQ" tells you the location of the file "World of Warcraft" file, then "Updates" file. In the "Updates" file you find "wow-0-16135-Win-final.MPQ" for some people the error file may be different, just go to its location and delete it then reload and you should be good.
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Same thing happened to me. I deleted said corrupt file and reopened the launcher but it didn't work (three times).

So the fourth time, I tossed the entire Updates folder into the trash, reopened the launcher and it fixed itself.

Hope this helps.
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I still can't find the file... it's not working
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Hey guys there's pretty much 2 fixes for this:

1) Use the repair option within the HELP on the launcher WoW tool


2) Locate your main WoW folder, and follow the file path of where the error is located -> Delete the file. Restart the game to force it to repatch. If the issue is still persisting and the error is within the UPDATES folder, you can try deleting the contents within the Updates folder and restart the launcher after.
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thx team
Where do you go to re-download it? Did u just re download the entire game?
I was having the same issue and I can confirm deleting that file worked for me. Thanks to all who suggested the fix!
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