Warriors completely broken?

90 Gnome Mage

Outplayed, simple as that. Warriors have 3 stuns running with double time, with 4 when running with stormbolt (I try not to be on the avatar band wagon). Rogues still have rediculous stuns, except they no longer solo tanks in full resilience cata gear. L2P.

Warriors have 3 stuns when running with stormbolt

Warriors have 3 stuns when running with stormbolt

Warriors have 3 stuns when running with stormbolt

Warriors have 3 stuns when running with stormbolt

You are trying to justify the ability to have 4 stuns? Rogues definatly dont have 4 stuns on short durations. mages have 1 stun, warlocks 1 (2 if demo). pally 1. My my. definatly out stunned im mean played
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90 Human Warrior
2x - 1 second stuns (if you talent double time)
1x - 4 second stun (if you talent shockwave)
1x - 3 second stun (if you talent stormbolt)

While I think a handful of warriors are taking shockwave/double time (still seems like juggernaut can be put to better use in most pvp scenarios).....that is a lot of Diminishing returns on top each other, especially if you select stormbolt.

Let alone they are quite short stuns and every single one besides the normal 1x 1 second stun is all talent required......and you all can thank blizzard for not having the 'knockdown' effect anymore from throwdown also since it was removed (no one will talent warbringer.....and anyone who does you likely don't even have to worry about rofl).

This is just a terrible direction to complain about.....paladin stuns are much longer lasting and dangerous, as are rogue stuns.

I guess I don't see the mocking comparison your attempting to convey.....unless its in a ridiculous vacuum.

The only reason stuns are mentioned is it causes the warrior to be a gnat, quite weak (with the talent tradeoffs), but obnoxiously annoying and all over your face constantly.....which doesn't really seem to be a problem with hunters/mages etc and the rooting classes......

No worries anyways...since most warriors won't use stormbolt, and about half won't use double time either, and probably another quarter of them won't use shockwave (dragon roar instead).....simply because Burst viability is the larger concern, and one We still voiced in beta that went unchanged (ala -- nerf to sustained, kept big burst CD windows)
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Classes that are op imo
mages/warriors/dks maybe? i do a lot of dmg

classes that are godlike

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90 Human Warrior
warriors ye 4 stuns: so dimishing return does not exist (7sec stun ftw)

avatar: inmune to cc (what about scatter shot? pass through avatar :O)

banner: omg dmg cooldown on warrs like other classes with 4 dmg cooldowns omg omg omg

second wind: hit for 4k or more its so hard right now :P

So warriors are now back in the pvp scene, you CANT faceroll a warrior anymore, now u have to use ur fingers (or ur facesmash) to beat a warrior again, no more kitting, no more ccburstdownroflwtfpwnedbbq/spit.

Now as a warrior i can say it "LEARN TO PLAY YOUR CLASS NOOB"

and for DKs, next time u face a warrior, go spec blood and just bind death strike in all ur keyboard.
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1 Human Warrior
10/04/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Sucubus
avatar: inmune to cc (what about scatter shot? pass through avatar :O)

What immune to cc are u talking about. When you pop avatar, they can be disarmed, stunned, feared, or cycloned, making their 3 minute Avatar and 5 minute recklessness go to waste.
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I feel like cc is fine, but the AoE cc needs to be takin out. Mainly because its impossible to land a kill if you let the healer get off one heal. (except warriors and bm hunters, they land a kill either way)
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90 Human Warrior
4k or MORE (reading it's hard this days), now doing some test it's 8500 tick with healing debuff on a 370k hp warrior, so if u can't hit 8500 (35k executes hi kripp) on a 35% hp target, i have bad news to you.

but i think a nerf it's ok, warriors dont need any selfhealing like any other class they must be facerolled as always.

Blizz will nerf BM first and like another 5 class before warrs..... OH wait!, that never gonna happen, i see warriors nerfs, and more nerfs and then, buffs on mages, locks, hunters and dks to balance.
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90 Human Priest
Sucubus, you can't really be defending warriors, can you? I've seen Hunters admit that their !@#$ is OP. It doesn't take any skill to play a warrior right now. Charge in, Avatar one-shot macro and blanket silence with pummel or heroic throw and you win. Especially paired with a Hunter or another Warrior teammate. Hell I just watched Maldiva's team lose to a 1700 War / War / Hunter team twice.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
10/02/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Polls
Make it so charge DRs stun, and I think Warriors will be balanced.

They did this once. It broke warriors so hard that they were forced to revert it.

Ur so right, this is the only fear I have when reading these posts... how long will this last until they beat us down... 2 steps forward and 10 steps back...
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85 Human Rogue

Double charges in 20s with Double Time talent (double 1s stuns, double interrupt!)

stopped reading here, if you are fighting a warrior with double time and losing, its not a class issue its a player issue, double time sucks.
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100 Human Paladin
3's seems kinda like 2's now. Maybe 5's will be the way to go this season. But I will just stick to RBG's or just take a season off.
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90 Night Elf Monk
10/04/2012 10:10 PMPosted by Bräxt
3's seems kinda like 2's now. Maybe 5's will be the way to go this season. But I will just stick to RBG's or just take a season off.

5s would be pretty bad too. 5 warriors = 2 people are globaled out of the gate. 3v5 doesn't work too well, especially considering those warriors can gib another person pretty quickly after their initial burst.

WW monks on the other hand... They just go splat.
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1 Human Paladin
Warriors are usually really strong first season of an expansion.

They'll be nerfed and be useless after this season no worries.

Just like Cata.
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