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also copying text into this thread. Please help me guys. This is a bit OP currently =/

I haven't posted much on these forums, mainly on my 70 rogue. My main is this druid, and with this expansion, I was 100% focused on getting into a solid raiding guild and pushing progression. It has come to my attention, and many other druids in the "top" tier, that our 2-piece, and 4-piece PvE set bonuses are entirely undertuned, if not completely useless. In order to min-max, or even for the casual player looking to improve, the PvP 4 set is so far above and beyond even our PvE gear, that PvE gear comes second to *not* breaking a 4-piece bonus on PvP gear. I will link the set bonuses under here, but I'm hoping for some visability on this issue, thus the post in General Forums. Please everyone, help me spread the word, this is not ok, I do NOT want to PvP on my PvE character. I have a Shaman for PvP.

Here are the 2 and 4 piece bonuses for each set as they stand


(2) Set: Reduces the mana cost of your Rejuvenation spell by 10%.
- Not horrible, not great, Rejuv doesn't see much use except as a proc for swiftmend, but overall, still helpful for PvE

(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown of your Swiftmend spell by 3 sec.
- Ok cool, we can do a lot more healing with this spell, we get AoE healing, and a large single target burst on a shorter cooldown. This is actually a decent bonus, but here comes the kicker, lets compare it to the PvP set.


(2) Set: Increases PvP power by 500.
- Not useful for all for PvE. This is fine, this is a PvP set. Now for the horrible part

(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown of your Swiftmend ability by 2 sec.
- Ok, 1 sec. less on the cooldown reduction as compared to the PvE set. This is something I'm also ok with, and many may be asking what's wrong. The problem is, the 4 set for PvP gear has *3* bonuses attached to it. Here is the second one:
(4) Set: Increases PvP resilience by 1000.
- Again, this isn't useful for PvE, and being a PvP set I'm entirely ok with this.
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown of your Ironbark ability by 90 sec.
- Um, what? This is HUGE. Ironbark is a 2 minute cooldown without any reductions. This turns a 20% damage reduction cooldown into a 30 second ability. I can spam this ability, I can use it 3(Not saying 4, you won't get full duration if you cast it 4 times) times more often than if I were to be in PvE gear. 12 second duration, 20% damage reduction, 30 second cooldown.

Comparing the PvP 4 set to the PvE 4 set the imbalance presented is horribly obvious. The Damage Reduction from Ironbark *more* than makes up for the extra second cooldown on Swiftmend from the PvE 4 set.

Please help me community, I do not want to PvP for PvE gear. Honor gear was nerfed because it was on par with PvE gear, but now Resto Druids are *required* to get this 4 set. The Damage reduction on Ironbark coupled with a 30 second Cooldown is amazing. 2 Resto Druids in a raid with this bonus can keep a tank Ironbarked 24/30 seconds. 80% of the fight a Tank can have an outside cooldown on them. The implications of this bonus were not thought through. Without using anything other than 2 Resto Druids and a Tank, the Tank can have damage reduction cooldowns up whenever spike damage is known to be incoming, or during an emergency, or just whenever they feel like it because it's only 30 seconds.

-Please either add an Ironbark modifier to the PvE set (Doesn't have to be 90 seconds, I think that's a bit rediculous) or add something other than an extra second cooldown reduction on Swiftmend.


Please help me spread the word to the developers, keep this bumped, ideas will be edited into this post, I need help! I do not want to farm PvP gear for PvE content!

Thank you all in advance

- A concerned Resto Druid.
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90 Draenei Priest
4PvP needs to be disabled in raids or changed to something completely PvP centric. It's not about resto druids having to PvP for gear, it's about a set bonus that completely goes against what they have been trying to establish in terms of PvE Healer balance and the PvE/PvP gear split.

10/03/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Cuddlepanda
- Not horrible, not great, Rejuv doesn't see much use except as a proc for swiftmend, but overall, still helpful for PvE

Unless something changed in the past week Rejuvenation is still the bread and butter of resto healing. Especially in a 25 man setting.
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90 Tauren Druid
Regrowth w/ clearcasting and/or Healing Touch for me. Rejuv on a tank to get an extra HoT, with it being used as stated for swiftmend procs on dps. Shrooms / Swiftmend/Tranq/ToL for AoE healing. I wouldn't call it bread and butter currently, it will OOM you in 30 seconds if you blanket it or even use it to heal low dps. HT/Nourish/Regrowth w/ OOC or Rejuv into Swiftmend for anyone not the tank. =/ I never just rejuv and move on now.
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85 Night Elf Druid
10/03/2012 03:04 PMPosted by Cuddlepanda
I never just rejuv and move on now.

You're doin' it wrong.

Last I checked, HT actually costs more than Rejuv, so for spot healing you should never use it over Rejuv. As for AoE, 'shrooms just won't hold up to anything more than light damage, so you have to use rejuv if you want to actually pull your weight.

Yeah, it'll OOM you if you blanket it, but no one's saying you should blanket it. It's a spot healing tool, and druids are the kings of spot healing.
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90 Tauren Druid
Shrooms actually do more healing than Nourish, so it's more of a 1 time deal, not spamming it. The reason I'm leaning towards HT over Rejuv is a lot of encounters are rather unkind with sustained damage, so a HoT may or may not keep someone alive.
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85 Night Elf Druid
10/03/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Cuddlepanda
Shrooms actually do more healing than Nourish, so it's more of a 1 time deal, not spamming it.

To start with, I don't even know what this means. What's a one time deal? Also, I don't think I ever mentioned Nourish, and I don't think 'shrooms and Nourish are remotely comparable.

10/03/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Cuddlepanda
The reason I'm leaning towards HT over Rejuv is a lot of encounters are rather unkind with sustained damage, so a HoT may or may not keep someone alive.

Then you put a rejuv on them and Nourish spam as necessary. HT is not a spot healing tool, not in the Resto toolkit.
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90 Tauren Druid
Sorry HT just isn't intended to trump rejuv, you are doing it wrong
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90 Night Elf Druid
Ok, Cuddle,

I'm going to say this as nicely as possible:

Be quiet, and cease your complaining on this topic. Now. My reply needs to be the last on this thread, and it needs to sink and be buried.

Why? Because your complaints are erroneous, and could do a great deal of harm to pvp druids. I don't care if you don't PVP, I do, and you will, like said above, kindly shut up before you and our "mvp" druid, who promised in your other thread to address this, get resto druids nerfed BACK into the ground for pvp for this expansion as well.

Let me throw some stats at you:

Raid t14: 8231 stam, 4927 int, 2552 spirit, 1450 mastery, 11.8k armor, 1349 crit, 1325 haste, 1 meta, 1 red, 2 yellows, 2 blues

Season 12: 7294 stam, 4142 int, 1477 spirit, 1020 mastery, 11.2k armor, 1943 resil, 1286 crit, 1983 haste, 1 meta, 3 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue, plus some pvp power that wowhead doesnt have on the summary list

Bear in mind that raid gear is 496, pvp gear is 483.

The big, take-home point of the above stats is this: Wearing season 12 set instead of Tier 14 will net you a loss of 800 intellect, 1100 spirit, and 400 mastery. There is no way you will be able to successfully raid in it because you will be underpowered and out of mana halfway through the fight.

You won't be able to use the PVP set bonus, because your tree butt will be so OOM that you'll be hugging the shadow priest hoping for remnants of BC mana battery days.

Fortunately, I think blizzard knows this, and will dismiss your complaint before any damage can be caused to pvp resto druids who NEED that armor bonus, and NEED those pvp glyphs.

Now let the thread die.
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