Please fix Soulburn

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As of right now, casting soulburn while a soulburn is already active will consume a shard and overlap with the previous effect. This makes macroing soulburn and soul swap awkward because if you're out of range, you will pop soul burn and then use an additional charge when pushing the macro again.

Additionally, castsequence macros don't work because the soulburn soul swap is treated as a different spell, meaning that /castsequence soulburn, soul swap is actually /castsequence soulburn, soul swap, soul swap.

Before people just say, "bind the two separately", keep in mind that soulburn is off the GCD, meaning that it was meant to be macroable and will always be faster as a single keystroke as opposed to two separate buttons.

Either make it so Soulburn cannot be activated while it's already up (preferable), or make the instant DoT application a separate spell that costs a shard to cast.
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/cast [mod:shift] Soulburn
/cast Soul Swap

That's what I use if I press shift+(button) and the target is too far away I can just press (button) aftwards and waste no additional shard.
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When i run affliction i keep SB:SS and SB:SoC macro'd but i also keep the actual spell on my bars that way if something like this occurs i can adjust with a quick key press.
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/cast [mod:shift] Soulburn
/cast Soul Swap

That's what I use if I press shift+(button) and the target is too far away I can just press (button) aftwards and waste no additional shard.
I use something like this and generally don't double-soulburn.

Nearly once per raid night I'll hit this button during execute (for SB:SS) and instead of applying DoTs to the mob, I'll use soulburn then use a normal soul swap. So I end up with no DoTs, 1 soulburn buff on me, and 1 soul swap buff on me. I'm not sure how to prevent this.

i have a similar thing, not sure if its bad latency not lining it up properly, but in some heated situations i found myself taking buffs off my target and being left with the exhale buff and soulburn.
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10/10 post. I completely agree, don't let SB activate and take shards if you already have soulburn active.
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I agree.. but don't really have an issue with it. Did it a couple times but just have to be a little mindful of it... /shrug.
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Macros are for !@#$%^s anyway! Mash that keyboard, bro!
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I just faceroll through raids, people never seem to notice.
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