New DK Rework!!!

28 Orc Shaman
Since from what i've seen on the dk forums and in game the general consensus is that people don't like unholy and dont play it because they think its boring and clunky. I think a good idea is to make unholy an entirely ranged spec, sort of like a warlock except with undead pets, so like a necromancer.

that way, you get rid of a useless spec and add flavor and viability and more variability to a class thats all about tunnelling its target in pvp which is pretty bland. also you can have them be able to resurrect corpses to fight for a short time, with abilities based on the corpse you resurrect. so like if you resurrect a druid you can have it use healing on you or if you resurrect a rogue it can stealth. it would add a high skill cap.
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86 Human Monk
Troll post? Unholy DKs already have a high skill cap, certainly moreso than Frost. It's not a useless spec and you'd be pissing off a lot of dedicated UH DKs.
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33 Pandaren Shaman
I think you read the wrong forum or drink heavily
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90 Human Paladin

Its the Death Knight class, not generic undead themed class

If you want a dark magic caster, play a Warlock or Shadow Priest
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90 Worgen Hunter
not against the idea, not for it either.
but it isn't a "new" idea.
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