I am buying "cooking ingredients" in bulk for MoP only items.
Looking for only items that are NOT vendor purchasable by gold. These items can be fished, won, traded in with ironpaw tokens, looted/farmed from mobs.

(Items like Barley, Farm Chicken, Ginseng, Instant Noodles, vendor foodetc.. will be sent back)

For a guide on drop rates/ what to farm you can visit here:

Please send CoD- I will be updating this thread as i need items per demand.
Current "Special Requests" are in Bold with an extra rate.

Alliance: Welfare
Horde: Skillscore

  • Farmables: Paying 200g/stack ( 20 max stack-able items)

      * Golden Carp
      * Jade Lungfish - Paying 400g per 20
      * Giant Mantis Shrimp - Paying 400g per 20

      * Redbelly Mandarin
      * Emperor Salmon
      * Krasarang Paddlefish- Paying 400g per 20
      * Tiger Gourami
      * Jewel Danio Paying 400g per 20
      * Reef Octopus
      * Mushan Ribs
      * Raw Crab Meat
      * Raw Crocolisk Belly
      * Raw Turtle Meat
      * Wildfowl Breast
  • Veggies: Paying 500g/stack ( 100 max stack-able items)

    • * Jade Squash
      * Juicycrunch Carrot
      * Pink Turnip
      * Red Blossom Leek
      * Scallions
      * Striped Melon
      * White Turnip - Paying 1000g per 100
      * Witchberries
  • Please save/send full stacks via COD to my horde and alliance characters.

    I know some items may go for more on the AH at the moment, however i feel my rates are fair and this is more or less targeted to people who enjoy farming, people who are leveling and want a guaranteed income.

    These are so i can level up my cooking and keep the different feasts stocked up and are not for resale.

    Regardless how you farm i dont care... if you do this for a "living" please contact me in game as i would be interested in working out bulk deals for other materials as well such as herbs, golden lotuses, etc. My rates are better than what most third party websites are going to pay you plus you don't have to worry about being banned.