Current Needs:

Beast Mastery / Survival Hunter

<Nightmare Asylum> formed two weeks after patch 4.3. Our goal for MoP: Top 25 US 10M.

We consistently have high-ranking players in both DPS and Healing:

During the first week of Mogu'shan Vaults Normal we were able to secure very high rankings. Although we know that Normal Mode Rankings mean next to nothing, it demonstrates our dedication and ability to take action.

<Nightmare Asylum> is comprised of a tightly-nit group of young men. We take gaming seriously, and we all push ourselves to compete for our personal best. As long as you are performing up to our standards our raiding environment is fun and positive, while always remaining disciplined during hard mode progression. Respect in all its forms is something we value, and it allows us to work together as a team and down bosses at a reasonable pace. However, for Mists of Pandaria... we want to be even better.

During Dragon Soul hardmode progression we only raided three days a week, and we lost a total of five people while trying to get first kills on bosses. We had to recruit seven people DURING ten-man progression until we found our core, we also had a handful of main-swaps from the ground-up. It is therefore safe to say that we are much better than our ranking, and during MoP we are determined to prove this point.

About Us:
We raid four nights weekly during progression, Monday-Thursday from 7:00PM to 11:00PM CST (GMT -5). We add a 5th day during the first couple of weeks of heroic progression. Loot is distributed by an officer led loot council designed to fuel progression and reward players who are solid raiders.

About You:
You should be skilled, dedicated, and willing to challenge and better yourself under any circumstances. We're looking for someone who is going to be in it for the long haul, someone who is vocal, and doesn't have a problem sitting on a fight if its needed. If you have geared alts and understand how to play them so if needed we can use them during progression, that is a huge plus. If you get offended very easily or don't respond to criticism well, this is not the guild for you. We also expect that your skill will be up to par with any of our other current raiders and encourage competitiveness and drive to push yourself to become more efficient and better at adapting to any fight or any role. We are constantly striving to be the best and so should you.

Please visit us at our website to fill out a private application, or contact me via RealID - Sarastro#1710

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