Least I Could Do (licd.wowstead.com) is a progression raiding guild on Spinebreaker-US Horde. We are a relatively new guild started towards the end of Cataclysm during Dragon Soul. We managed to get through 3/8 heroic DS despite our very late start and we would like to continue that success and push it much, much farther.

Our goal for MoP is to become one of the best guilds on Spinebreaker.

That said however, we are laid back and fun but get serious when needed. We are all adults with jobs and lives and we realize that not everyone can be on all the time. However we plan on progression raiding throughout MoP and would love for more people to join us! Although applications are not required, feel free to apply online or message Ailena or Fandora in game. We are a casual-hardcore progression guild which means that we treat our raids very seriously, but we do not have strict attendance guidelines. We do however have strict raid rules which everyone can view on the left navigation bar. Come join us and lets down some bosses!

Least I Could Do is currently recruiting all classes and specs for early MoP raids as we are gearing up for a second group. Our goal is to have two concurrent, competing raid groups to increase our chances of progressing, balance our raid composition, and ensure continued raid success.

• Saturday, 7pm -11pm, PST
• Sunday, 7pm-11pm PST
** Invites are at 6:45pm PST**

Basic requirements:
• The ability to listen and speak(optional) on voice chat (Vent) during raids.
• A computer and internet connection that can handle raiding.
• Drama free. We don't babysit peoples personal lives or friendship circles.
• Laid back and not easily offended. Does contain adult humor and topics, though we are anti racial bashing and other similar types of "humor".

For more information or to apply, please visit our website.

In game contacts: Fandora or Ailena (Battletag: Milena#1683)
Website: licd.wowstead.com