Hello everyone, my IGN is DØran, i recently transfered on Ysera to join my friends. I am currently looking for a 10 man raiding guild.

I have been playing WoW since beta, but like almost everyone took some breaks lately. I had my guild in Cataclysm and we were very competitive for T1, but drama and RL issue caught us and we disbanded. I never really found a guild for me after that.. i did every raid in Cata at least but never played seriously again. I mostly played League of Legends.

Anyway, i came back into MoP with the intention of focusing on pvp, but after looking at the upcoming raids, it kinda bring the raider back into me.

I'm a very dedicated raider with alot of experience. I can play any spec, but would prefer resto or Balance.

Very important notice : I have a friend leveling a Monk, he's currently 88. I am not sure what his plan are, but they might be into raiding, so it's a plus if you would have a spot for a Monk. He's a very good raider also, with probably more experience than me.
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