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Hello World of Warcraft players,

I wanted to make a post here because I am looking for a player who would like to start new characters together. Now, I have not posted much on the WoW forum, so I apologize if this isn't the best place for this topic. I have been playing the game on and off for about seven years and am coming back into play with a different approach. I am looking to play the game more as a hobby, about 3-4 times a week, roughly 1 and 1/2 hours each time. Now, my purpose in finding someone else who wants to start a new character is because in my opinion and perspective, that is what makes the game the most enjoyable.

I have leveled 2 characters to 85, one to 75, and one to 60, mostly in a desire to reach the best gear and highest level as quickly as possible. Once I got to level 15, I basically did dungeons the rest of the way with my healer and tank because I thought it was the fastest way for me to level and also meet other people.However, I missed out on so much more of the game, mainly questing with a friend and exploring new areas.

I'd like to get back into that part of the game, where you have a friend you can quest with and tackle challenges in the warcraft world. I don't mind which race or faction I chose, I just would like to find another player who shares the same passion for playing the game together. In other words, starting at the same start point and questing together 100% of the time until we reach the desired level. I know this might be a steep request for someone just starting a character. If you have another character and want to start an alt, that works just as fine.

Now, I have some simple requests to make:

1. A player who would want to quest together 100% of the time and keep their character roughly in level with mine
2. Someone who is willing to live off the land. In other words, I prefer not to use any heirloom gear or hand-me downs.
3. An honest, respectable, and fun player. I'd like to play with someone who enjoys mutual respect and has a similar passion for adventure.
4. Race and faction are your choice, if you like. I would prefer to play as a monk. I'd like both our characters to be dps as main spec for leveling. I am negotiable on what class.
5. Refrain from doing dungeons until a high level. My desire is to experience the "world" of warcraft. Yes, the dungeons are part of that world, but I have no desire to do them from lvl 15-70/80. Maybe once in a while during leveling.
6. I desire to make a guild focused primarily on world pvp, such as raiding opposing faction cities, bases, etc... I remember doing this when the game first came out and what a blast it was...Hillsbrad foothills was like it own Alterac valley. I hope to find someone with a similar passion, but if you just want to be apart of the guild, I understand. With this in mind, I will choose a PvP realm.
7. Finally, I've always wanted to quest in Southern Barrens at lvl 32-36. I assume there are quests for both factions.

I appreciate the time taking to read this. I love to play with other people, am an enjoyable person, and have a passion for comradeship. If you enjoy the questing adventure in WoW and would like to take the approach I described, please send me a message. First come, first serve.

Thank you.
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90 Orc Shaman
I might be interested, let me know the times your available and which servers you were thinking about
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