[A] Holy Priest LF Raid Guild/PvP

90 Human Priest
I just came back to WoW - MoP after a long hiatus from the game. I was currently last active during WotLK, and most active during BC. I have raid experience that extends back into early MC. During Burning Crusade I raided on a rogue which is a tough spot to get in, and you've got to prove yourself to be better than the rest. I rolled with Gummi Bears on Kil'Jaeden, a guild who at the time was top 25 U.S. for Illidan kill date and WWS world fastest kill on Archimonde and Supremus. During WotLK I raided on a mage and resto druid in a more casual late-night raid guild known as Koopa Troopa.

The backstory is important to understand that I have several years of raid experience, and a mindset and drive that goes along with a solid raider. I know the value of min-maxing my character, using consumables and and using the right abilities to be at the top of my game. I had to learn those lessons on a rogue, who has to work twice as hard to get a spot and prove they were better than the dozen other candidates lined up with them.

Current stats
iLevel 460
17k Spellpower (inner fire only)
4,877 spirit (5505 mp/5)

5.6k+ Resilience (56.64% mitigation)
4.5k+ PvP power (17.11% bonus heals/damage)

Also, I am currently running 4 piece dreadful gladiator as the set bonus is very useful in 5 mans. Currently this gear is gemmed for PvP. That said, you won't see those gems if I'm coming to a raid. Understand I'm playing solo right now, and the gear I'm rolling is more than capable of breezing through any 5 man heroic encounter.

If interested or if you have any questions please contact me in game. I am available primary in the evenings after 6 p.m. CST mon/tues, 7 p.m. thurs/fri, and weekends. Thank you.
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90 Human Priest
human with medallion wot
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90 Human Priest
It replaced a iLevel 429 green quest reward and has 833 spirit considering the human racial. It ends up being over 1,000 mp/5, or a 20% increase. The redundant use effect is inconsequential.
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90 Draenei Paladin
<OldSkool> is a newly formed 10 Man raiding guild looking for solid competent players to start pushing through MOP heroic raiding content. We intend on raiding Tuesday, THursday, and Sunday from 9-1 Est time. Whisper Saze on icecrown server for more information.
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