<As Walls Collapse> is a new raiding guild on the Argent Dawn Server. Altogether, we have 14 toons and have been sinking our teeth into leveling the guild. Right now we are building our core 10 man team, as well as other teams to work on older content progression. That being said, this advertisement is only regarding the 10 man raids.

Who we are:
-a ragtag group of people unhappy with simply running LFR once a week. Levels of raid experience vary, but everyone is willing to learn and be patient with one another.

Who we need:
-mature players, for one. People who won't resort to name-calling, rage-quitting and temper tantrums when something goes wrong. Experienced players would be a bonus, but we will work through it with or without them.
-We need two tanks and two healers, as well as four DPS. We have a Retribution paladin and Enhancement Shaman, so some ranged damage-dealers would really come in handy.
-a Team Leader who can help manage the raiding schedule, recruit new people and instruct the group in how to best overcome the encounters.

What we require:

-Minimum 465 ilvl with all gems socketed, stats reforged and with item enchantments. I can provide the gems if you got the mats or the money to send me looking for them.
-Access to Vent. We have our own server. You do not need a mic, unless you are applying for Team Leader. You just need to be able to listen to instructions.
-Some knowledge of the class you are playing.
-There are several mods out there to help you, but we ask that you have Deadly Boss Mods at a minimum.

Even if you do not make the final cut for the raid team, we will be implementing other teams running older content, LFR, and helping lower level characters out with our vast bank of Azerothian knowledge and our sword skills :)

There is plenty of fun waiting for you with As Walls Collapse!