MoP Raid Progress


90 Goblin Warlock
Iron Qon (10) down.
90 Goblin Warlock
Twin Consorts down.
Congrats guys. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Front page is updated for everyone I believe
90 Goblin Warlock
Lei Shen dead.
90 Human Priest
After a string of some unfortunate raids, including a 1% wipe (which happened on Jin'rokh too), Horridon is down and Sixth AD is moving to council!
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Nice job everyone. Congrats on the clear Dabu!

Gnomes got Megaera and Ji-Kun tonight.
90 Tauren Druid
Congrats Sixth AD (Alliance Scum!), good luck!

Same with Gnomes, Durumu is one of my favourite fights.
90 Goblin Warlock
Grats to all of you! I'm glad to hear about all of the kills. We need to get someone from Phoenix in here posting. I know they killed Council tonight! Sunday was a good day. =)
100 Tauren Druid
Phoenix Ascendant GM here.

We started raiding Jan2 and finished up Sha of Fear on March 4th.

16/16 Normal mode Tier 14.

Now for current raid Progress:
As of last night(March 24th) we are 3/12 in ToT with Council going down.
welcome to the thread. finally getting some more horde involvement!
90 Night Elf Hunter
WHOO! 1/12 in TOT cuz the Huggers downed Jin'rokh! =D
90 Pandaren Monk
Signal Seven popped our ToT Cherry.

Jin'rokh down.
90 Tauren Druid
WHOO! 1/12 in TOT cuz the Huggers downed Jin'rokh! =D

Signal Seven popped our ToT Cherry.

Jin'rokh down.

Pop pop goes the cherries.
90 Goblin Shaman
We had some extra time last night and snagged the Heroic Empress kill.

Great progression everyone. ToT is an awesome raid. One of my all time favorites.
100 Night Elf Priest
Amber-Shaper Un'Sok down. Only one boss left between <Liquid Courage> and Terrace.
90 Worgen Druid
Good Work Everyone!

I'm Loving this thread! Looks like Muradin is starting to get a bit more active.. Pshhh lol

But we are all making decent progress

DMNT is currently working on council, we will have them down tonight! Then on to the big turtle! Keep up the good work guys!

Llych if you don't mind could you update the first page with the progress? Everyone deserves credit for their hard work! Plz

Again great work Everyone! And Congrats Dabu on Server first ToT
Oops. Apologies to hugs and signal seven. Didn't realize I missed you. Thanks lunar for pointing it out!
100 Troll Warlock
I'll chime in for Semi Serious raid team 2.

We have cleared T14 normal mode and are 1/12 in ToT.
Welcome to the thread guys. Glad to finally see you in here! I'm loving the horde involvement lately.
90 Night Elf Priest
Council down! On to the turtle for us. Grats to Hugs!
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