The races oh the races?!?

90 Human Monk
I'm here trying to make a mage for the first time in all seriousness as I want to gravitate away from the tanking/healing/melee dps atmosphere as I've been in it since beginning of bc.

I've been native horde for wrath & cata but now I'm back on the alliance for MoP.

I was thinking pandaren with the awesome food buff but I just can't stand the casting animations.

I've always been fond of humans & female human casters besides warlocks I've been fond of.

I hate night elves.

I'm not a big fan of dranei, dem space goats.

I had a gnome lock as an alt through end of BC and I fairly enjoyed it but being so tiny is so akward.

And being worgen is great but something about it is so stale after awhile.

I've been a fan of dwarfs as well but I feel they don't fit the caster appearance in my eyes.

So my big question is...

If both a human & a pandaren are both equally skilled fire mages (fire/frost are my intentions) what kind of dps/damage difference are we talking about on a tank & spank fight with that pandaren food buff? No fears, just stand still & focus on dps.
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Pandaren would edge ahead.

But play what you want to look at, the dmg increase won't be gamebreaking unless you're playing in a world first guild.

I personally love the animations :]
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90 Gnome Mage
Don't make a human. We look terrible. I have been human since classic, and I am sick of it. Female humans do look better (though still awkward), and worgen, draenei, and pandaren racials are actually good. I made a pandaren female priest, and their casting animations are entertaining. I always recommend gnomes and dwarves because I like their lore, but it is up to you what you want to play.
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I'm not saying panda but..
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