Windwalker glyphs disappointing.

90 Pandaren Monk
I'm going over the glyphs for windwalker monks and it's really disappointing. Not a single dps enhance glyph half the stuff I would even buy a glyph for. so far i've seen are two glyphs even worth their weight. glyph of afterlife and spinning crane kick and blackout kick. everything else to me as a dps is worthless.
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90 Troll Warlock
Glyphs aren't *supposed* to be direct DPS increases. Most of them are intended to be utility increases, usability increases, quality-of-life benefits, aesthetics, or simply fun. At the most, a glyph that *does* increase your output is supposed to come at a trade-off. As an example, take the Uplift glyph. Technically, it increases your AoE output, because you can use Uplift a LOT more often, but that comes at the cost of mana sustainability and less uses for your Chi.

Spinning Crane Kick and Afterlife are both very nice glyphs for WW. I also am a fan of Touch of Karma, Retreat, Fortifying Brew, Expel Harm (good for kite fights), and Transcendence (I would kill to have this glyph on my warlock for demo port).

Minor glyphs are even more supposed to be mostly ineffectual on your actual performance. Blackout Kick can be advantageous on fights similar to Kologarn and Ultraxion, but isn't really a major performance booster. Almost all of the rest are just aesthetic or fun. I personally quite enjoy Water Roll and Spinning Fire Blossom (for those fights that force me out of melee range, so I don't have to aim).
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100 Pandaren Monk
Adding to what Daerius said I also like the crackling jade lightning glyph for while questing / solo. Most things are mostly dead by the time they get to melee range with me when I pull them plus if I have a few spinning fire blossoms ... well they are just dead.
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90 Human Monk
DPS glyphs are pointless. Having them simply means that Blizzard would dock the damage from that ability, and just return it with the glyph to the intended DPS level.

Example: Does 275% weapon damage.

Example if there is a glyph for it: Does 250% weapon damage
Glyph: Increases Example's damage by 10%
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90 Blood Elf Monk
10/04/2012 09:23 PMPosted by Daerius
Most of them are intended to be utility increases, usability increases, quality-of-life benefits, aesthetics, or simply fun.

Many of the glyphs don't achieve this intention for content designed for level 90's.

In PvP i use ToD, Stoneskin and Karma glyph.

Once prices go down, I'll grab fortifying glyph and never touch the rest. CJL glyph is uesless as the ability does hardly any damage.
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