I have recently come back to my roots

44 Pandaren Warrior
as a prot warrior. I have been running low level dng to level my char and I have learned to hate the way things work now. Things are so easy that cc is not even needed anymore and often, if they think you're not moving fast enough, dps will pull additional grouos and bring them to me. My job is to hold aggro, manage mobs and keep the healer safe while making sure they have enough mana for the next pull. When someone takes that management job from me I may as well be playing a dps class as the fun in tanking used to be that it was more complex a job than dps.
When will blizz give us back the difficult dng runs that required thought on the trash and healers and casters had to drink after every few trash pulls. Is that reserved for heroics and raids now? I just got back after a year b/c I was disappointed with the state of tanking during wrath and cata was fun at first but then blizz nerfed things to be more like wrath running.
I have been tanking and healing MoP content and I have seen that while things are a little tougher, blizz added some more mechanics to basic dng boss fights, a group can just walk through trash as it poses no threat whatsoever. Heck, on my disc healer, when I need to drink before a boss fight, many times the group just ignores my oom swtatement and heads in w/o me causing me to either enter the fight with 30% mana or get locked out. People dont pay attention anymore, they just want to faceroll through dng and get to 90.
At least there is PvP.
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