Monk Healing - AoE/Single Target??

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Ok I am hearing a lot of mixed information on Monk healing. I am hearing we are weak on single target but great at AoE healing(I don't see that in raids myself), and I've read we are the opposite. Strong single target and weak aoe.

This is a new class and I am not 100% sure on what I should be doing for AOE healing can anyone give me some tips? I normally raid 10m and I was pulling 30-45k hps last night

Reforging tips would be great but yes i'm aware im in pvp gear I need the spirit and I keep losing drops to hybrid caster dps.
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Ger renewing mists on everyone, spam uplift and spinning crane kick. Gratz, you just beat every other healer by about 10%.
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10/09/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Langtao
I am hearing we are weak on single target but great at AoE healing(I don't see that in raids myself), and I've read we are the opposite. Strong single target and weak aoe.

We have strong sustained AoE and inefficient (but not weak) single target.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Single Target burst is strong but for max efficiency it takes time to ramp up.

Healing from Range we can have Renewing and Zen Sphere on the Tank with Soothing doubling up with our Statue which is nice consistent healing. Enveloping (instant with Soothing) at 3 Chi is great and in a pinch we have instant Surging Mists on the Tank while casting Soothing on them but that will OOM us fast.

Fistweaving will be like having a strong HoT on the Tank (most likely to be low) but the healing isn't in our control and the free Surging every 3 TP's is great but takes a minimum of 9 seconds to proc. That said it's still nice in combo with Renewing and Zen Sphere on the Tank.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I find our tank healing to be quite decent. Enveloping Mists heals for an absolute ton (currently heals for about 200k over 6 seconds for me), as well as boosting Soothing Mist by 30%, allowing you to pour a ton of healing into the tank. If I'm focusing on just tank healing, I can have Enveloping Mist up on the tank 50-75% of the time (using RM and Expel Harm on CD, and getting procs off Soothing Mist), allowing me to keep the tank alive through alot of damage. And if things still are going badly, I can always pop off a Surging Mist or two as well, and further boost that with Thunder Focus Brew to double the healing of a surging mist.

For AoE, simply keep RM on cd, pop thunder focus brew after the second RM has completely spread, and uplift, then RM some more. This lets you get up to a max of 20 targets with RM on them, to which you can then pop Chi Brew for an instant 4 chi, and uplift twice on the entire raid (or almost the entire raid, in the case of LFR). Tack on Revival for another big aoe heal on the entire raid. Works awesome for fights like Feng. Lastly, Spinning Crane Kick works quite well for fights that require people to clump (like Feng), although it got nerfed yesterday by 30%, but its still decent.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Main problm with Enveloping is that there's not a reliable Chi generator at range for it outside of Surging, which is prohibitively expensive and will oom you fast and hard if used in more than the most dire situations. Jab is reliable, but if you are using that for Chi on SZ, Tiger Palm, 30 talents and Enveloping you will also oom from needing to Jab so much, plus Enveloping isn't instant without Soothing.

Anarri had it right, ReM + Uplift is not only powerful but sustainable. Our "sustainable" single target healing is Soothing Mist and RNG for Enveloping, which isn't that bad but not really something to brag about, and Life Cocoon is a pretty weak tank CD (that interrupts Soothing no less) yet it's all we have. Spotting the tank in a rough patch while focusing on the raid the rest of the time sounds about right for Monk in a raid right now.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Simply comes down to Chi. It's our major restraint in our healing abilities. Anything that costs mana does bleh healing and it's what costs chi that makes monks potent. When Enveloping Mists costs 3 chi and the TFT+Uplift combo costs 3 as well, it creates mixed results. Focusing on just a single role, we're probably one of the best.

When we have to mix it means we need to find ways to generate extra chi. Most monks still hold on to the healer=range motto instead of getting into melee to jab for chi. I've found that if you can jab for chi you can be both a strong tank and strong aoe healer. However in most cases monks can't be both, due to our chi limitations. Overall monks do have issues swapping between the 2 easily.
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Have you guys played around with the uplift glyph? I use that so I can focus my chi on zen sphere and enveloping. Havent done any raiding yet though. The zen explosion seems nice for a group aoe heal if people are bunched up.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I use glyphed Uplift. I have issues keeping chi sometimes in an emergency, and not relying on it for Uplift in a bad moment has helped. If I have RM spread nicely I can use more than one uplift to get some extra triage done. Someone will probably say i'm doing it wrong though :p
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