Just played vs. 2 Arms Warriors in 3s as SP

100 Human Priest
No amount of prelubing could prepare me for this. Why does this happen
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90 Human Warrior
Because ROIDS
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90 Undead Priest
Jeez, l2p nub worierz iz fain!
Gear will fix this
If warriors are nerfed any amount it will break them for the whole expac
Its fair because other random classes were op at some point in the history of WoW
Warriors, warriors?!?! Lets shift the discussion to a different class that is op!
Shiv/Tranq shot (no rogue or hunter on your team? jeez nub)
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90 Pandaren Hunter
Sadly once a warrior hits shield wall in second wind phase it's almost impossible to kill him with a healer
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90 Draenei Warrior
10/10/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Scatterrz
Sadly once a warrior hits shield wall in second wind phase it's almost impossible to kill him with a healer

Wait for it to end.
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2 Dwarf Rogue
10/10/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Schwert
Wait for it to end.

Yeah for the Warrior to Heroic Leap behind a pillar and regain 33% of max health. Balance!
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93 Human Warrior
Even if we werent OP and were "perfectly balanced" that would still be a nightmare for you.
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58 Human Death Knight
I say it now and i say it again

Always a priest or druid complaining.
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100 Orc Warrior
Why should you expect to kill a warrior through defensive stance+shieldwall?

We don't expect to kill shdow pirests through dispersion, hunters through deterrance, ect ect.

Swap off, cc the healer (or just hard swap with burst to the healer so they can't top off the warrior, then cc the healer, either way something is going to die). He's only got 35% of his health max. It's not like shieldwall has a short CD.

Not that warriors are "fine" or "balanced" but that's kind of just basic strategy.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
my 2nd favorite thing about fighting random mongo warriors is after juking a pummel you get a courtesy blanket

thanks guys
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90 Night Elf Druid
Just be happy they haven't started the triple War 3s again. Am I the only one who remembers this from S9?
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