I’m looking for some people who are interested in 10-player raiding and possibly doing challenge mode dungeons. The times and days of the raids will likely be variable until I can find a stable group, but I have tentatively set these at Friday and Saturday, 8:00 PM server time. I will give advance warning about any changes to interested players. We do challenge mode dungeons in the evenings with no set time. I am looking for all classes and roles. We are hoping to do Mogu’shan Vaults this Friday at 8:00 PM.

My friends and I are mostly holdovers from Burning Crusade, and are working adults. Some of them will have obligations to their guild raids as more people reach the level cap and they are able to assemble guild teams. Others are now in smaller guilds that likely won’t form a raid team of their own. These are people I raided with raided with from Karazhan to Ulduar, (I didn’t raid in Cataclysm, and did relatively little in the second half of Wrath).

Send a whisper or in-game mail to Birdy if you are interested in joining this raid.

Some additional notes:

This is not a guild recruitment. I don’t have a guild and would much prefer that you stay in your own (I assume you are there for a reason). In fact, everyone in this raid so far is from a different guild, and some may even come from different servers.

I don’t care about your gearscore or achievements, and will never ask about them. I do recognize that gear is important, but it’s also very easy to obtain – at least the entry level gear for normal mode raids. I run heroics virtually every evening and am happy to share my heroics insta-queue with any people interested in raiding with us.

We raid for fun but are serious about killing bosses. As I mentioned above, we are all working adults and play this game for fun. We don’t expect people to approach the raid as work. On the other hand, we do expect people to come prepared for raids with consumables, enchants/gear enhancements, knowing at least their roles in the fights we are likely to encounter, etc. Vent is required.

This is not a pug. Usually it takes me a few weeks to find the right people, but I am looking to form a stable group that raids together regularly. Basically, I am looking for people who would like to stay in their small guilds, can’t run with their guilds’ teams for whatever reason, or are playing an alt.