Brewmaster Taunts and holding threat in Raids

90 Human Monk
So taunts are only useful from grabbing the Boss for 2 secs in Raids. Unless you follow up with something, chances are the Boss will got back to the other tank if it has DoTs from that tank.

Other classes have ranged abilites that they can use to follow up a Taunt and not lose agro (Bears have FF, Pallies have judgement etc).

What is the best ability for Brewmaster do follow up a Taunt with? Is there one? How do you hold agro from a mob in fights like Stone Guardians?
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90 Pandaren Monk
You have a few ranged attacks as a Brewmaster, check your spell book.
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94 Pandaren Warrior
Your taunt is a charge as well isn't it?
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39 Worgen Warlock
10/04/2012 09:32 PMPosted by Ðemolition
Your taunt is a charge as well isn't it?

You're thinking of Clash, and not all targets are susceptible to it.

If you're at range, channel Jade Lightning until it's close enough to KS it.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Isn't there a keg throw that is ranged that causes high threat?
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90 Dwarf Monk
What I would like is for CJL to have an initial damage tick when you start channeling it. Ranged pulling is pretty much a giant pain as it stands with no DD/low travel time abilities other than taunt to pull with.
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