Help me play Horde...

80 Gnome Mage
I have always really wanted to play Horde. But, for some reason, whenever I start a toon (And I have had MANY Horde toons over the years) I just never get that "itch" you know? My highest level was a Goblin Warrior and he made it to level 32 before I felt like playing my Alliance toons again. Other notables are a level 25 Tauren Priest, and a level 19 Troll Priest.

I simply want to experience things from the other side. A new story, and new quests, and all that. I'm not bored with this game by any means, but it's like a whole new experience. A shot at the "Double Agent" achievement would be great.

Do those who have switched sides have any experience or tips? Maybe a suggestion on a Class/Race combo or leveling route? I have done Silverpine and it was a blast! Maybe a specific server that is very pro-horde?

Let me know. Thank you any and all responses!
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90 Pandaren Hunter
It comes down to you're too connected to your Alliance toons and whenever you try to roll Horde you just can't. It could be money, BoAs, or just not knowing anyone on the Horde side when switching.
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90 Human Death Knight
Why would I help you do the wrong thing?
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58 Undead Death Knight
I have a soft spot for the undead and always seem to roll one as my first character on any new server. I think it has to do with the tragic lore behind our leader. As for classes, imho there's nothing more badass than an undead rogue. Just think about it... you're undead and you're running around stabbing people in the back!

Of course if you read LFG comics, there has to be a part of you that wants to roll an undead warlock (re: Richard).

Can't help you on servers.

Good luck and welcome to the dark side.
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100 Gnome Priest
You don't need to play horde, you're already the superior race!

I can't play horde either. My horde toons last until I get to a major city, see trade chat and say to myself (OMG they speak english!) That would be about level 5.

My first toon was a Tauren shaman. I was new to MMOs back then. They told me to find the water well. Yeah....I found the water well... at level 70 on my gnome rogue in BC. No horde for me.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
If you join I'll give you gold and shiny mount.
If you don't, you'll get Oo'ked in the Dooker.

But you should stay in Alliance if you love doing bgs and winning, especially AV and IoC.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I frequently play both and I server hop a lot. My advice is to stay with your server if you have BoA's, as they will help. If you don't care about BoA's or don't have them, then pick a few medium pop servers and see if you can find their realm stats to see if Horde is higher or lower than Alliance.
Do you have any classes you haven't really levered far, and would like to try? Make one of those on a race that piques your interest.
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10 Tauren Warrior
You just have to convince yourself to enjoy playing the bad guys as that is what the Horde has devolved to since WOTLK. If you can't do that then I don't know.
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33 Troll Hunter
You are a gnome, you leveled a gnome past 1, you are hearby denied access to the horde
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100 Troll Druid
I couldn't level an Alliance toon to cap until I joined my friend's guild. Maybe if you have a friend who plays Horde that would help?
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100 Troll Druid
10/05/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Corrock
You just have to convince yourself to enjoy playing the bad guys as that is what the Horde has devolved to since WOTLK. If you can't do that then I don't know.

Why don't you step down off your high horse there buddy. Don't wanna fall and hit your head on the hypocrisy.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I have a coworker who has always played Alliance who was hesitant to make a character in my Horde guild because she did not think she would enjoy being a Horde. However, after the Double Agent achievement was made, we both made characters in each other's guilds :-)

She did a little searching and decided to make an undead character. The new undead starting area and the next few zones were all revamped for Cata and are dripping with lore. It is very much the opposite of being an Alliance, but she is had a great time going through those areas and has started enjoying playing her character. She is enjoying the whole "zombie" thing and is picking outfits, mounts, companion pets, achievements, and titles that are most appropriate for her little undead priesty.

So if the story is what grabs you, then I recommend trying the undead. Plus they have no knees and elbows and sometimes jaws... which is totally stylin'.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Come join the dark side, you'll love it.

I actually started out Alliance side on a Nelf druid and hunter. I got the druid to 60+ before we switched servers and sides to play with friends. Then I fell in love with the Horde, I like the little bit of ambiguity and I like Blood Elves better. I like being a shade of grey. Though I don't always agree with what they do, I just like the feel of it better. We're still noble and honorable, just not as in your face as Alliance.

That's all I can say to help you. And, the Nelf druid is now a Troll. The hunter is still sitting abandoned on my original server.
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90 Human Death Knight
I leveled a Goblin Shaman to 85 in Cata just to see the content, but I've been playing Alliance too long to really enjoy it. Don't know if I'll ever bother taking him to 90 or not.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
If you liked Silverpine Forest, I think you should make an Undead. Silvepine is just part of a story that starts in Tirisfal Glades, goes through Silverpine and all the way to WPL, and it's very fun.

But, what exactly didn't you find fun in the characters you played? The story? The races? The classes? The players? You could give us a better idea of what is more important to you when you play.
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95 Undead Rogue
Playing Horde:

An entire new set of questing (or very different perspective on same quests).
All the new territory you've never seen (at least not well).
Some new faction-only mounts to pick up.

Etc., etc. It's a whole new experience. I play both sides so I get a very different picture of the world and lore of the game, not just a one-sided view.

Come to the dark side, Luke...
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91 Blood Elf Mage
Just make it a goal to hit level 10 and sit down one day to do it. Classes like hunters, mages, and druids are fun right from the start. Shamans, priests, warriors, and paladins, not so much at first.
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10 Tauren Warrior
10/05/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Seradi
You just have to convince yourself to enjoy playing the bad guys as that is what the Horde has devolved to since WOTLK. If you can't do that then I don't know.

Why don't you step down off your high horse there buddy. Don't wanna fall and hit your head on the hypocrisy.

I'm not sure what hypocrisy has to do with anything. The Horde has turned to genocide, spreading plague and raising undead. All shades of grey are gone, they've devolved to cartoon evil. Meanwhile the alliance kicked over 3 tents and a coleman stove. The writers have blatantly turned it into decent folk vs. Evil with a capital E whether it was intentional or not.
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