Help me Mistweave please

85 Night Elf Druid
So I leveled a Mistweaver to 85. Bought some gear at Dawn's Blossom and tried to heal jade Serpent.

Holy hell what a disaster. I made sure Enveloping Mist was up at times and mostly used Soothing Mist to keep the Tank topped up. But holy crap I ended most boss fights OOM or damn near it or was struggling the entire instance.

So today I get my Resto Druid up to the same gear and throw him through with the same Tank (same level as last night)into the same dungeon. What a difference. At no time was I stressed. Finished most Fights at full power or near so and never had a single issue. Was not concerned one single bit the entire dungeon.

So what exactly am I doing wrong on my Mistweaver? I got my Dragon thing down, keep EM on cooldown, use my Chi to generate Mana Tea and consume Mana tea when I can. But almost every fight I'm struggling.

I've played Healer for 8 yrs now and have every healer at 85+ so I'm by no means a "noob Healer"

Any Advice?
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90 Pandaren Monk
I haven't had any problems yet, I just had to realize you don't need to go full bore on every fight.

Build up a little chi, use chi wave / uplift to heal while you regen a little mana since those are chi based.

If you are healing non stop, you will go OOM really quickly.
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90 Human Monk
When I was first learning to mistweave, ooming seemed to be a result of using too many surging mists. If your tank is doing a good job (assuming you are appropriately geared), he shouldn't need more than an enveloping mist + soothing mist (or instead of soothing, you could meleeweave).

If you are fighting targets that AOE, you are doing the right thing by casting renewing mist off CD -- just so that you are ready to uplift.

Think carefully about what's causing you to consume the most mana. See if there is something that you can be casting instead -- as I mentioned, enveloping mist is extraordinarily powerful and uses chi.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Try to use renewing mist on tank cd low mana cost
Then u use uplift which if u keep using renew most should heal most or all team members a decent amount uplift cost chi so every so often u can drink tea

Just what I normally do keep mana up

Save soothing a surging and enveloping for more squishy tank situations or casters who never get renewing
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90 Pandaren Monk
Try to avoid using mana to heal (I know this will sound weird) and focus on chi healing. Spend only enough mana to generate chi in the cheapest way possibly for when you need it. Don't heal out of habit, heal out of necessity. If nobody is taking damage, don't waste your mana keeping soothing mists on a tank, that doesn't work quite yet as you don't have the regen to sustain it. Renewing mists on cooldown is all the mana you should be spending unless you absolutely have to. If you can learn this early on when it matters less, then later on when you "do" have the regen to spend a bit of mana you will find yourself with more chi to spend and subsequently hit your stride as a healer
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I have to say, I think there is a major problem with Mistweaver monks.

Healing is dynamic. Sure, with tanking and DPSing, you have time to set up a rotation and get into a groove. With healing, however, you react to what's occurring around you. It's very, very weird having a full bar of mana and yet being unable to cast half of your spells.

This forces the monk to abide by a rotation. Instead of focusing on just healing like other healers, Monks have to worry about Chi generation. Their forced to follow a rotation, meaning they're not always going to be able to cast what they need to cast, and will instead have to waste time casting something else so that they can cast what they really need to cast.

It just doesn't feel right. Maybe I'm the only one, though...
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85 Goblin Mage
Ok, pretty much my 86 fistweaver monk is baller. Found out that yea keeping mist up is good as well as the power of uplift. dont forget the power of healing spheres. They are currently the cheapest, instant cast and hard hitting. check out the youtube healing spheres for monks. just cast them at the targets feet and keep doing it. at my level I can litterally do it 60 times even if i had no mana regen at all but of course I do so its so simple.

If you have trouble healing say Jade Temple. And you are mistweaving instead of Fistweaving, just make sure you are doing the following on the bigger pulls.

1) Lay down you Serpent Statue.... Read it.
2) Apply your Renewing Mist off CD constant
3) AOE heal with burst w/ your Crane Kick, use this with caution due to Spin to Win eats your mana.
4) While Fistweaving make sure to use your Chi eating abilities so that you build your Tea stacks and inbetween pulls , stack your tea with uplifts and renewing mists cycling. And drink drink drink. Tea is great for your body,, its healthy!!
5) Healing Spheres at Tanks//you!!// and anyone that is going down fast. For better view make sure to Alt + V to see their bars insted of the enemy's.

I have used thes stratigies and in a PVE environment have no issues.
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90 Pandaren Monk
A few tips that have helped me...

a) Get the Tank and DPS to use your Healing Spheres. If it's a Guild group then just tell them in Vent. My Tank had no idea with they were and now loves them. If it's a PuG just ask them to be aware of them if the need heals. They proc right next to players so it's not a Lightwell thing. Use your T30 ability when you have 2 Chi as long as Serpent's Zeal (from BoK) is up.

b) If you Fistweave try a "rotation" of Renewing, TP, Jab, BoK, TP, Renewing, TP, Surging (Free), Jab, BoK. Eminence healing, Renewing rolling on everyone and the "Free" Surging every 10 seconds or so should be fine for a group that knows what it's doing. (meaning they also use the Spheres).

c) Mix in Mana Tea every 10 seconds (if Glyphed) and don't cap Energy or use Jab/Renewing if you have 4 Chi. You shouldn't have mana issues.

d) Use your Mobility. Roll and Transcendence: Transfer are great. Set up a Transfer out by the casters before the pull. When bad things are going on in melee use your teleport and start range healing with Soothing/Enveloping/Renewing until you can pop back into melee.
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