What direction are you taking rogues by design right now Blizzard. (PvP)

Rogues used to be the agile class with superior control, exploiting weakness' of other classes and preparing kills, then you buffed rogues defense with combat readiness and a decent self heal.

- First rogues worked around controlling the opponent by stuns/disorient/slows.
- Then rogues got a control nerf, but compensated with heal and defense.
- Then buffed mobility to compensate for defense loss.

Now rogues have less control than healing specs, weakest defense in game, and no mobility.

What exactly are rogues supposed to be, what style of play are they heading towards? right now every other class is superior in control, self healing, defensive and mobility, majority of them even have all of those together in one spec.

So I am actually for once lost what you are doing Ghostcrawler, you trolling us man?
Edited by Ilyrria on 10/7/2012 6:36 AM PDT