How far back does your subscription go?

90 Worgen Death Knight

Put me in BC at least.
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90 Human Warrior
Early October of 08. played for a month and kinda..forgot about WoW for awhile :x
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87 Human Priest

Never un-subbed once.


Challenge Accepted.

Assuming that you did the 1-month for $14.99 recurring plan, that would be $179.88 a year.
I'll also assume that no significant, irregular, or other events/factors occurred during your entire subscription that might of altered the total.

Okay, easy enough. Now then, let's narrow down that first year.

First, taking into consideration the one-month-free bonus that comes with buying World of Warcraft,
08/04/2005 to 12/04/2005 = $59.96


08/04/2005 - Dawn of the First Month
$0 (Bonus Month)

12/04/2005 - 5 months

12/04/2006 - 17 months

12/04/2007 - 29 months

12/04/2008 - 41 months

12/04/2009 - 53 months

12/04/2010 - 65 months

12/04/2011 - 77 months

10/4/2012 - 87 months

Total = $1289.14

Of course, one must also consider the numerous other factors that could of been involved that would skew the total. My number crunching shall have to do, though.

Feel free to check my math. It's pretty basic, but I probably might of screwed up somewhere.
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100 Troll Rogue
Dayum. I have spent a lot of money on WoW. $1289.14
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85 Human Hunter
4/8/2005 3 days after my birthday that year.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
09/11/2006 N/A Recruit-a-Friend (10 Days Free)

And I bought in by the end of the ten days. I have the worst subscription anniversary ever.
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85 Worgen Druid

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90 Worgen Druid
$1289.14 for eight years of online socializing, play, and general-all-around-fun experiences?

Not bad.
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