Once PvP epics common, BM worthless

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BM seems powerful when everyone is running around in quest blues, in terms of burst.

Once everyone is geared in PvP epics, maxxed out on resilience, BM will be a joke.
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We'll be nerfed by then anyway from all the QQ.

Shhh, good night sweet prince.
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10/07/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Fishbone
Once everyone is geared in PvP epics, maxxed out on resilience, BM will be a joke

I wouldn't say joke, but yes it will be more even. We can certainly blow up most questers in a few seconds flat, but try taking on a decent prot pali or someone in plate that absorbs a heap of pet damage. Your pet simply becomes a glorified DOT, rather than the usual face melter.

Yes, we do good DPS, but there are some classes that can simply take our damage and then give some back.

We will always be good against clothies and leather wearers, but I do agree that once we are all geared, we will start to see things even out.

So I am going to enjoy nuking questers in the mean time :P
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90 Human Hunter
you do realize bm was doing the same thing on the beta when everybody was in full gear......
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