To all the folks on Galakrond

53 Pandaren Priest
I would have posted this in trade chat, but after the 30+ rude and nasty pst and +10 trade comments. I decided to post it here, in the hopes for forgiveness. My name is Jutu and sorry I was asking for a little help. I am new to alliance side and did not know it was a bad forum to ask for low level mats and bags being new to a server. I had figure alliance were like horde and generally helpful to new people. That when someone new comes to realm we usually welcome them with open arms and help them.

That was a mistake I plan not to make again. If there is anything else that is considered bad form or hidden rule in this realm. Please post here. AS I generally don’t play out side my home guild and realm. But my son loves alliance and we wanted to play together. This is his home realm and i really want to be part of it with him.

Thank you
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90 Human Paladin
I hate to break it to you, but Alliance IS like Horde... in the sense that both factions have no end of trolls and jackasses to brighten your day. If you've been met with kindness thus far when asking for help, then consider yourself luckier than most.
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90 Human Hunter
Dont listen to the idiots, youll get used to it eventually
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90 Human Monk
Never ask for craP in trade

Rule número UNO
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100 Worgen Death Knight
And that's why this is my favorite server.
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90 Night Elf Druid

You didn't give the !@#$ something free?!!?!?!
For shame, galakrond, for shame.
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100 Night Elf Druid
My sincere advice, as someone who's started from scratch 6 times since classic wow, is the following:

* Make leveling your first priority, without spending any money on gear
* Get two gathering professions (herbalism + mining is best imho)
* Gather everything while you quest (yes it sucks when you have four 6-slot bags)
* Mail everything of any value (greens, trade mats, pets, etc) to a level 1 AH alt
* Use your level 1 AH alt to sell everything on the Auction House
* Buy decent bags (16-20 slot bags will do you fine at first)
* Keep leveling

You will make at least 15-20k doing the above without really trying by the time you get to 90. If your new character will be your main I'd definitely get epic flying when you can.
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90 Troll Druid
This server isn't known for observing the niceties. Avoid trade chat get into a "friendly" leveling guild and I am sure your experience will improve.
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